Product Protection Solutions (PPS), a leading provider of retail security solutions, announces the release of its Keepsafe™ and Titan™ series for hard tags, safers and bottle protection. PPS retains sole distribution rights throughout North and South America for the Titan series.

The Keepsafe™ and Titan™ Advantage: Recognizing that retailers faced continuous defeat of hard tag and safer solutions from the increasing availability of traditional detachers, PPS sought to find a better solution using patented technology and limited distribution. Thus, the Keepsafe™ Titan™ series were born out of a strategic partnership.

Retailers employing KeepsafeTM technologies have experienced up to an 80% decrease in shrinkage and 5% increase in sales during multi-store trials of the Keepsafe™ line of loss prevention products. The safer line comes with a high-grade polycarbonate that is resistant to scratching and will not yellow like traditional safers already on the market. KeepsafeTM hard tags are produced come in a unique bi-color design that allow for visible deterrence, in addition to the inability to remove with traditional standard, super or hyper detachers and magnets available on the market.

KeepsafeTM hard tags and locks are available with RF, AM and RFID inlays and can be configured with standard, super or Titan locks. Standard and super locks are compatible with existing detachers currently employed.

PPS is committed to providing a unique consultative approach that enables us to find better solutions or discover those where none currently exist.

PROTECT products, PREVENT loss, SECURE your bottom line.

Contact: Christopher Cox

Product Protection Solutions
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