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Formula Gryp


Keepsafe™ Beverage Protection

A reusable security device that protects canned beverages, bottled beverages, wines, liquors, and champagne, and other similar merchandise. They offer a quick, and simple benefit denial solution for protecting beverages of all sizes. The caps can be used with or without an EAS system.

Formula Gryp (12.5 oz to 20.9 oz. cans)



Protects round infant formula, coffee or similar cans up to 12.5 oz (Small) and 20.9 oz (Large) 

ƒ Frequency: 58KHz, 8.2 MHz, or Dual-Technology MTO 

ƒAvailable in Standard or Super 

ƒ Internal Dimensions (H x W): 102 x 12 mm (4 x 4.7 in) 

ƒ External Dimensions (H x W): 126 x 35 mm (4.9 x 13.8 in) 

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Small, Medium

EAS Technology


Detacher Strength


Article No.

287900, 287901

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