What do energy drinks, wine and liquor bottles, and pint-size ice cream containers have in common? They are all hot merchandise!

So, whether you own a convenience store or supermarket, you’re constantly working to reduce losses on those items. 

  • Stocking less merchandise on the shelves 
  • Hiring onsite security guards 
  • Keeping products behind the counter or locking them up 
  • Installing security cameras 

Have you tried any of the below methods in hopes of reducing shrinkage? If so, the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team has a loss prevention device that can secure your merchandise while deterring shoplifters: security caps!

What are Loss Prevention Security Caps?

Security caps are a loss prevention device that you can use to secure energy drinks, wines, liquors, bottled goods, and more. All you need to do is fasten the security cap at the top of the bottle and lock it into place. These devices are an effective theft deterrent and work well at decreasing the onsite consumption of the product. 

Taking Action 

When the PPS team saw an upwards trend of shoplifting incidents with alcohol, energy drinks, and ice cream pints, we knew something needed to be done. And the solution we created was the PPS Keepsafe™ beverage protection line, which includes the following:

  • Bottle security caps
  • Bottle security collars
  • Bottle security boxes 
  • Premium bottle covers
  • Energy drink caps 
  • Ice cream pint protectors 

#1 Reason to Use the PPS Beverage Protection Line 

The number one reason bottle security caps and collars are practical tools is their versatility! We designed a product that you can use interchangeably with other similar-sized merchandise. This allows you to maximize your investment, so you can focus on securing the high-theft item without investing more money into another device. 

How You Can Save Even More Money 

Check out some other benefits of using the devices from our beverage protection line that’ll save you money over time.

  • A visual theft deterrent
  • Reusable
  • 10+ year lifespan 
  • Maintain open merchandising
  • Works with existing plan-o-grams 
  • Compatible with EAS technologies 
  • Reduce losses and maintain proper inventory levels 

Incorporating the Bottle Security Caps in Your Store

Now the fun part is learning how to use these devices throughout your store. 

Bottle Security Caps 

  • Champagne bottles 
  • Wine and liquor bottles with short necks
  • Mouthwash bottles 
  • Body wash and lotion bottles 

Bottle Security Collars

  • Small to mid-sized wine and liquor bottles 
  • Logger beer bottles 
  • Any product that contains a “neck”

Premium Bottle Collars and Bottle Boxes

  • High-end liquors 
  • Luxury wine bottles 
  • Large or unusually sized bottles 
  • Premium perfumes and colognes 

Energy Drink Caps

  • 8.4 oz. cans
  • 12 oz. cans 
  • 16 oz. cans 
  • 20 oz. cans 

Ice Cream Pint Protectors (Stackable Design) 

  • 14 oz. containers
  • 16 oz. containers 

Save Time, Deter Theft, and Protect Profits with PPS 

Your victories are our victories! We’re constantly looking for ways to strengthen retailers’ loss prevention strategies before it’s necessary. So when you have a need, we already have the solution for you. Learn how we can help you protect your profits, deter theft, and secure your bottom line this year! 

Contact us using our online form or by calling 866-750-5744.