Did you know RFID (radio frequency identification) technology can reduce shrinkage caused by administrative errors, incorrect inventory data, and theft? Depending on the system you purchase, you can customize your RFID theft prevention system to meet several of your needs. 

Learn more about how RFID technology can reduce your shrinkage and tips on selecting the right option for your business. 

How Can RFID Prevent Theft and Reduce Shrink?

RFID technology continues to improve, giving retailers access to more ways to secure their business from shrinkage and theft. EAS systems enabled with RFID provide many uses along with added increasing security.

 Here are five ways to use an RFID theft prevention system to your advantage.

  • Inventory management for increased accuracy 
  • Replacement option instead of using barcodes (less labor and more control)
  • Supply chain tracking 
  • Product tracking 
  • Product security devices 

Overall, RFID’s growing advancements make it the ideal solution to other technology (AM, RF, barcodes, etc.) 

Selecting the Best RFID Theft Prevention System for You

After learning about the beneficial uses of RFID technology, choosing an EAS system that meets your current and future needs is essential. Here are some features to consider when purchasing an RFID EAS system.

  • Real-time visibility (assists with inventory management) 
  • Network integration (ability to combine with other third-party systems)
  • Detect directionality (prevents false alarms)
  • Real-time analytics feature with access to dashboards (monitor and review inventory data) 
  • Online device management (remote customer support and easy firmware updates) 

RFID Theft Prevention Systems from PPS

Here at Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we are a loss prevention security company that “fills the gaps” left open by traditional retail loss prevention solutions. This means we’re always looking at the latest loss prevention technology and how we can provide our customers with more powerful tools! One of the options we’re able to offer U.S. retailers access to the entire line of Nedap’s RFID EAS systems!

Select a System Style

As you begin reviewing your choices, you’ll need to determine if you want a pedestal style (looks like a panel door that you would place at the store’s exit) or a ceiling overhead EAS system. Pedestal styles offer a more visual presence to show potential thieves that your location has increased security. The ceiling ahead is a more discreet option and helps maintain your store’s appearance. 

RFID EAS System – Pedestal Style 

The iSense intelligent article surveillance system from Nedap is a sleek, modern design option you can place at the store’s exit. 

  • Processes RF and RFID technologies 
  • Connects to CCTV and enterprise security platforms
  • Provides real-time inventory visibility
  • Supports “Buy Online Pick up In-Store” and “Buy Online Return In-Store” systems 
  • Includes customer counting 
  • Works with RFID tags and labels 

Read more information about the iSense RFID EAS System.

RFID EAS System – Ceiling Overhead 

The iD Top EAS overhead system from Nedap is a minimalist design installed without structural work. Allowing you can quickly add it to the ceiling then go about your day. 

  • Comes with high-performance RFID antennas 
  • Works well with:
    • RFID readers
    • POS solutions
    • RFID labels
  • Includes stray tag filtering
  • Detects directionality 
  • Provides access to remote support and online updates

Read more information about the iD RFID EAS System.

Are You Ready to Reduce Loss and Prevent Theft?

Our team is readily available to discuss your needs and help you select the correct RFID theft prevention system for your business. Contact us online or call us at 866-750-5744 to talk to someone about your EAS system needs.