Even if you haven’t used peace of mind and loss prevention in the same sentence, we have encouraging news — it’s possible! Just like when you were a graduating senior in high school with your future plans ready, you can walk into work with a sense of calmness and anticipation of what’s to come. 

If we’ve stirred up your interest and you’re ready to learn about the retail loss prevention best practices that can return some of your peace — let’s get started!

Retail Loss Prevention Best Practices for Sweep Deterrence 

Sweeping is one of the most widely used shoplifting strategies for Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups and amateur thieves. While many anti-sweep devices on the market can deter theft, a great deal of them don’t allow for open merchandising, are challenging to use, and aren’t interchangeable among different merchandise. 

When it comes to retail loss prevention best practices to prevent shelf sweeping, here are the top qualities to consider for an anti-sweep device. 

  • Sounds deterrence options (something more than an alarm)
  • Organized Retail Crime (ORC) deterrence 
  • Out-of-stock data 
  • Ability to connect with various communication devices 
  • Motion sensors that activate specific responses 
  • Self-installation
  • Uses the latest technology on the market
  • Scalability options to grow as your needs increase 

Gaining Peace of Mind at the Source — Theft Solutions 

You already know that when someone steals from the store, the consequences are much higher than the loss of merchandise. Employees start to lose their sense of safety. Customers have difficulty finding their products. And the pressure to create an anti-theft environment increases. That’s where we step in and can assist you.  

Connecting the Pieces for You

While you’re working on providing a safe retail space for customers to shop and for employees to feel comfortable, we’re in the background working for you. After countless hours searching for a loss prevention solution that connects all the smaller pieces together to create an anti-theft shield over your retail space, we’ve found it! 

Anti-Sweep IoT Options That Are Worth Your Consideration

Trust us; we were surprised and excited to learn of an anti-sweep option that would deter theft and work with all your other internet-based loss-prevention tools. Through the marketplace, we connected with IMCo Solutions. We even partnered with them to place their solutions in the Loss Prevention Research Council Engagement Lab for retailers to access. 

“During meetings with the IMCo team, they talked to us about their research with shoplifters. Then when they shared with us the data reducing their customer’s losses and increasing their sales, we knew this could become a valuable resource for our industry,” said Tim Gates, SVP of Business Development at Product Protection Solutions.  

2 Anti-Sweep, IoT Shelf-Ready Devices

While you can use these options independently, the most powerful advantage is how IMCo integrates the latest technology into its loss-prevention devices. As a result, IoT could become the future of theft deterrence for loss prevention. Learn more about IoT.

IoT Hook by IMCo 

They are the ideal solution for hanging merchandise that is a big target for ORC. This device makes sweeping a challenge thanks to IoT and the two-prong design. And every time someone removes a product from the hook, a beep sounds.

Features and Benefits of Hook Security 

IoT Pusher by IMCo 

For all the open merchandising products that use a pusher, this will easily integrate with it. Using IoT, your staff will receive notifications whenever an item is removed, and an alarm can sound after multiple products are removed within a certain time period. 

Features and Benefits of the IoT Pusher

Try It in Your Store Today! 

Don’t just read about peace of mind but make it your reality. Install an anti-sweep IoT device into a store to see how it can make a difference for your customers, employees, and yourself.

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