Retail Loss Prevention Solutions to Fit Your Needs

At PPS, we help retailers prevent retail shrink and minimize your losses to help improve the bottom line. As inventory and retail shrinkage continues to cause major losses, protecting your merchandise is necessary. The PPS team can work with you to find the best technological solutions, benefit denial products, or enterprise solutions for your specific needs.

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Reduce Shrink and Fight ORC

The PPS team helps equip you with the best loss prevention solutions that will fit your needs and goals. The PPS Keepsafe™ series protection devices can:

  • Deter internal and external theft 
  • Manage shrink more efficiently 
  • Increase revenue and profit 

Guarantee Extreme Resistance to Thieves with the Keepsafe™ Series 

Our Keepsafe™ series is set apart from others on the market!

  • Provides added protection where standard and super locks are compromised 
  • Most advanced magnetic lock protection option on the market 
  • Easy to use
  • Made from quality and durable materials 
  • Includes the trademarked and unique Keepsafe™ H-Lock and H-Detacher that’s only available with PPS
    • Ensures thieves can’t duplicate or buy the detacher anywhere else
    • It’s unable to be detached using standard, super, and hyperlock detachers

Specific Security Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Our security solutions are cost-effective, and you can reuse the device over and over again.

1. Alarm Series

Provides an additional layer of security for:

  • Large, boxed goods
  • High-end products
  • High-shrink items
  • Products that aren’t compatible with tags or safers
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2. Beverage Protection

The ideal solution for:

  • Keeping products on open display with security protection 
  • Energy drinks, liquor, and wine 
  • Health and beauty bottled goods
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3. Safers

Protect your health and beauty merchandise with safers and select the size that fits your products best. Options include:

  • Hinged safers
  • Slotted safers
  • Microsafers 
  • Specialty safers
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4. Tags

Increase product security without taking away from the customer’s shopping experience with:

  • RFID tags
  • EAS
  • Alarming tags
  • Ink tags
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EAS and RFID Systems for Retail Security

Our EAS and RFID security systems can:

  • Provide 24/7 protection 
  • Integrate into any of our theft protection devices with EAS, AM, RF, and RFID technologies 
  • Recognize merchandise
  • Alarm products 
  • Ward off potential thieves 
  • Reduce internal and external theft

Discover How PPS Can Support Your Retail Loss Prevention Goals

When you decide to work with PPS for your loss prevention needs, we will help you develop a plan, quickly find solutions, and work within your budget.