Thanks to advancing technology, businesses have access to numerous loss prevention tools to significantly reduce theft, free up employees’ time, and provide accurate inventory data. Retail security sensor systems that use electronic article surveillance (EAS) are among the best options available for retailers. EAS systems provide a visual deterrent that sounds alarms when someone attempts to steal merchandise. Also, they can be customized to fit each company’s needs. 

Continue reading to learn more about the different security systems available and find the right option for you.

What is a Retail Security Sensor System?

As mentioned above, there are various retail security sensor systems. EAS systems can feature AM and RF antenna systems or RFID technology. You can pair these security systems with numerous loss prevention products to combat theft and help with inventory tracking.

The PPS Advantage 

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we provide our customers with several EAS systems options. Additionally, all our loss prevention solutions can integrate with AM, RF, and RFID technologies. Then since most of the products are reusable and offer a 10+ year lifespan, if you choose to change your system, your solutions will still be compatible!  

EAS Systems with RFID Technology 

Have you heard of RFID technology before? If not, RFID (radio frequency identification) systems are a product on the market that increases your inventory control compared to AM and RF technologies. RFID systems will sound an alarm when a label or tag is near the exit and even identify which product is near the antennas. For example, now you can know someone is attempting to steal a Michael Kors large handbag in white. 

The PPS Advantage 

We offer our customers EAS systems from Nedap, a leading RFID EAS system provider. These systems provide many RFID advantages, including detecting directionality on tags to reduce false alarms. Learn more about our EAS Systems here.

RFID Enabled Loss Prevention Solutions 

RFID products offer protection to virtually all product lines, including:

  • Apparel and accessories 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Hardware 
  • Healthcare 
  • Home goods 
  • Groceries
  • Sporting goods 

These items allow you to protect the merchandise that is at risk for high shrinkage! 

The PPS Advantage 

At PPS, we offer loss prevention solutions that safeguard your merchandise without impacting your customer’s shopping experience. Which means we don’t ask you to lock up products in glass cases or behind counters. Instead, we encourage you to openly display your merchandise so customers can easily pick up items to take to the checkout. Then at the register, employees can quickly remove the security device. 

When you shop with us, you can select items from our Keepsafe™ Series. This line is different from other products on the market and offers significant advantages.  

  • Allows for open display 
  • Offers an advanced magnetic lock protection 
  • Reduces your retail shrinkage numbers 
  • Supports most existing planograms
  • Works with traditional standard, super or hyper locks, and detachers

Learn more about the Keepsafe™ Series here.

Do You Want to Learn More?

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