PPS’s Keepsafe™ Series keeps getting better

(Swansboro, NC – November 5, 2020) Product Protection Solutions’ (PPS) Keepsafe™ Pint Protector is designed to protect the most popular frozen shrink items on the market. While physically protecting the frozen items, this security device can be integrated into existing RF or AM EAS systems.

The Keepsafe™ Pint Protectors will deter thieves since it can only be removed with Standard and Super Lock Detachers. Or increase the removal difficulty by selecting PPS’s proprietary Keepsafe™ H-Detacher instead. If the pint protector is forcefully removed, the package will be destroyed. Tim Gates, SVP Business Development of PPS, said, “The PPS Keepsafe™ Series provides superior theft protection and is especially effective where standard or super locks are being compromised. The Pint Protectors offers extreme resistance to both amateur and professional thieves.”

This skillfully designed lock protection can be used on 14-16 oz. pint containers. They are stackable and can easily be added to existing shelves or plan-o-grams. Add the Keepsafe™ Pint Protectors to your loss prevention program today! To find this and other unique item-specific theft prevention solutions, download our TotalLP App today (available for iOS & Android).

Product Protection Solutions (PPS) focuses on providing both consultative and physical loss prevention solutions that include AM, RF, and RFID enabled products. PPS strives to build long-lasting partnerships with its customers by listening to their needs and finding strategic solutions that work. Innovation coupled with experienced and personalized consultation amplifies PPS’s ability to save their customers money and secure their bottom line.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact Tim Gates by phone at 888-542-3065 or
252-362-1232 or by email at info@productprotectionsolutions.com or visit PPS’s website at www.productprotectionsolutions.com.