Flexible? Yes. 

Self-Installation? Yes. 

ORC Alerts? Yes. 

What do you do when you learn there’s a line of loss prevention devices that offer the above benefits (plus more) and can show you tangible results from retailers using those same products? You learn more! 

As thieves continue to adapt to the changing retail elements, you can do the same, thanks to IoT. This first-rate technology expands on the market’s current retail security solutions. And at Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we’ve found an experienced,  proven, reputable manufacturer to help put these devices into your stores and show you the actual results other retailers are experiencing. 

The Game-Changing Advantages of IoT Retail Security Solutions

If IoT (Internet of Things) is a new concept for you, we have several resources available to educate you on this technology. Above all, IoT allows you to link your internet-connected devices to the IoT unit. When you make this connection, it bridges the gap between retail security solutions and your team and opens the door to endless possibilities.

Real-Time Accurate Data

Within seconds you can access data that’s important to you. 

  • Inventory levels 
  • Product removal notifications 
  • Restocking frequency with staff 

And thanks to AI, this technology is so precise you can rely on accurate data.

Instant Alerts 

IoT is so fast that it can alert key team members on store activity, and it’s customizable, so you can pick and choose the details you want. 

  • Product removals based on quantity and speed 
  • Low or out-of-stock inventory 

Increase Your In-Store Marketing Efforts

When we say, it can connect to anything with the internet, that includes smart TVs. So now, when a shopper removes an item, you can have a setting that plays a product promotional video. This is also an added benefit of theft deterrence since thieves prefer to go unnoticed and typically avoid situations that draw attention to themselves. 

Know Your Options and Choose Wisely 

Since this technology is relatively new, there are few options for purchasing IoT loss-prevention devices. And the options you do have, make sure to evaluate the seller. There’s more to a retail security device than its technology. You also want a reliable and durable unit that has proven success. That’s where IMCo Solutions comes into play. 

When our customers come to us looking for assistance, we become their trusted allies. Before we recommend any loss prevention solution, we thoroughly review the items and data to ensure it meets our high standards. And IMCo Solutions’ devices meet them!

Your IoT Options 

Please note that the devices mentioned below also include all the IoT game-changing advantages we discussed above. 

IoT Easy Glide by IMCo

  • The unique design allows it to support big, round, heavy bottles
  • Adjustable row spacing to make it almost universal to all products
  • IoT text-to-speech feature, which allows the unit to communicate via headset to staff  
  • Pick and choose from several other IoT alerts you want to receive  

IoT Flex Panel by IMCo

  • Self-installation directly on your shelf
  • Allows for open merchandising 
  • It contains IoT sensors to detect movement 
  • Pick and choose the IoT alerts you want to receive  
  • Scalable to grow with your changing needs 

IoT Hooks by IMCo

  • Install within seconds on your shelf hooks 
  • Pick and choose the IoT alerts you want to receive  
  • A sound deterrent that emits a beep for every product removal 
  • Customizable, optional alarm feature 

IoT Pushers by IMCo

  • Easily installs into your existing pusher system (that’s on a flat surface) 
  • Pick and choose the IoT alerts you want to receive  
  • A sound deterrent with product removals 
  • Customizable, optional alarm feature 

Results from IMCo’s In Store Analytics Solutions 

We want to share the data on retailers’ success with IMCo’s In-Store Analytics line of IoT devices. 

Device: IMCo Pusher

Results: Reducing losses by 69%

ROI Timeframe: Between 6-10 months

ROI: Identified five unknown criminals in the first two weeks. And integration to headsets communication and immediate reaction to potential theft.

Read more information.

Device: IMCo Hooks

Results: Reducing losses by 55%. Increasing sales by 8% with a 30% sales uplift for their Gillette Fusion razors.

ROI: Received positive feedback from their customers and staff on the device.

Read more information.

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