Summer is right around the corner. This means BBQs, parties, and cookouts will be a weekly occurrence, as will be summertime drinks. And whenever liquor and wine purchases begin to increase, so does alcohol theft. Whether someone is stealing a bottle for their own needs or it’s an organized retail crime group reselling the items, protecting your merchandise from these shoplifters is a top priority. 

If you found yourself looking for security tags on alcohol and wine bottles, you’re in the right place. Learn more about your security bottle tag and device options to shield your merchandise from shoplifters this summer! 

Tips on Selecting a Security Bottle Tag

While it may be tempting to purchase the first security device you find, it’s best to learn all your options first. This will allow you to invest in a loss prevention solution that best meets your needs. However, there are many tag options and sellers online that can make the purchasing decisions more time-consuming than they need to be. 

To help you determine which anti-theft device will work best for your needs, ask yourself the following questions. Keep the type of items you want to secure in your mind as you ask these questions. Then, to make it easier, write down your answers, so you have all the information in front of you as you review your options. 

  • How many products need extra security? 
  • What is the value of each type of merchandise I need to secure? 
  • How do customers usually purchase this item? One item at a time or in bulk? 
  • Do I need visually show the security device? 
  • Do I want to maintain an open merchandising layout?
  • Do I need a device to prevent on-site consumption of liquor?
  • Do I have a current EAS system that I want a device that is compatible with it? 

Once you have your answers, you can move on to the next section to learn more about your bottle security options. 

5 Bottle Security Options for Wine and Liquor Bottles 

Below is a breakdown of your alcohol bottle security options. You’ll learn the device’s purpose (will it fit your needs), how to use it (can your staff learn to use it), and the type of bottles that works best with it. 

Make note that all the devices below will secure the bottle without damaging the label or foil.

Bottle Security Collars 

Primary Purpose

It can secure most liquor and wine bottles with a small or medium-sized neck. It works exceptionally well for items that have an unusual shape. 

Device’s Design

This device uses a handcuff type of design. All you need to do is place the collar around the bottle’s neck to tighten the lock.

Products It Works Best With

  • Straight neck spirits cylinders
  • Pear or gourd-shaped bottles
  • Decorative shoulder spirits cylinders
  • Tall and skinny wine bottles 

Bottle Security Caps

Primary Purpose

This bottle cap will fit most sized bottlenecks, so it works well if your “hot merchandise” changes throughout the year. It also works well at preventing in-store consumption of the product. 

Device’s Design

You’ll need to slide the device over the top of the item, and it’ll lay at the bottle’s neck and cap. 

Products It Works Best With

  • Champagne bottles 
  • Bottles with shorter necks 
  • Book shaped flasks 
  • Oval shaped flasks 
  • Rectangular spirit bottles 

Bottle Box Large or Extra Large

Primary Purpose

This is the ideal option for premium liquors and wines and is available in large and extra-large sizes. 

Device’s Design

This security device fully encases the bottle in a clear plastic case. And it works well will many plan-o-grams, so you can still have it on the shelves for customers to purchase.  

Products It Works Best With

  • Historical liquor flasks 
  • Liquors aged for 3+ years 
  • Rare bottles of liquor or wines 

Premium Bottle Collar and Premium Bottle Covered

Primary Purpose

Its purpose is to maintain the product’s appearance while providing a visual theft deterrent. It also works well at preventing in-store consumption. 

Device’s Design

You can choose from two style options with this device.

Option 1: Open Collar

It slides down on the bottle’s neck and sits inside a clear, plastic base. 

Option 2: Full Coverage 

The cap slides down the whole bottle to provide full coverage and protection while covering and protecting the bottle.

Products It Works Best With

  • Luxury wine bottles 
  • Liquors aged for 3+ years 
  • Various shaped flasks 
  • Cylinder styles bottles 

IMCo Solutions’ Easy Glide Sliding Device 

Primary Purpose

Provide you with a simple-to-install device to easily add to your shelf to secure large quantities of merchandise at once. 

Device’s Design

This is a shelf-ready device with a low frictional base and a modular design to allow for an innovative divider/pusher fusion. You can also use its adjustable features to change the size to secure a variety of merchandise. 

Additional features include:

  • Releases a beep every time someone removes an item
  • Supports heavy round bottles
  • A text-to-speech feature so the shelf can alert staff about potential thefts 

Products It Works Best With

  • Securing large quantities
  • Heavy bottles 
  • Unusually shaped bottles 

Where Can I Purchase Bottle Tags and Devices for Alcohol? 

If you’re ready to purchase any security bottle tags, collars, or boxes mentioned above, shop here

If you want more information on the shelf-ready Easy Glide device, contact a PPS team member using our online form or by calling 866-750-5744.