We’re living in a time when technology is growing rapidly, which is great for retailers. It allows you to have a user-friendly website for fast sales, create an online presence and brand personality for customers to relate to, and you can use it to manage many of your internal responsibilities. But we aren’t the only ones who can use technology to our advantage; Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups can also use it. 

Becoming a target of these groups can be unsettling. Between the threat of losing valuable merchandise and profits, you’re also concerned for the safety of your staff and shoppers. That’s where proactive loss prevention tools, like security shelf solutions, can help protect your products and deter thieves from targeting your location.

You Have a Team of Allies at Your Side

Creating a secure space that still allows for a friendly shopping experience can be challenging. On the bright side, you have a trusted group of allies who can help you. 

Trade organizations and publications focus on educating retailers on the latest ORC trends and stats to help them prepare for potential threats. While many loss prevention teams work with law enforcement groups to help combat ORC. Then there are companies, like Product Protection Solutions (PPS), who can help you create an environment that’ll deter criminals from targeting your store.

Safeguarding Your Employees, Shoppers, and Merchandise 

Are you aware of the ripple effect your loss prevention strategies can have on your business? Putting tools in place to secure your merchandise sets up a barrier between you and shoplifters. Professional thieves will typically look for potential targets before attempting to steal products. If they visit your store and see visual security devices (tags, cameras, EAS system, etc.), it makes you a less appealing target. And if these criminals determine it’s not worth the risk to steal from your store, they move on to a new target. 

The results are:

  • Less shoplifting incidents 
  • A safe environment for employees 
  • A positive shopping space 
  • Well-stocked shelves for customers  

5 Reasons Security Shelf Devices Are a Great Loss Prevention Option  

ORC groups will target items that are easy to “sweep” off the shelves and have a fast resell value. Some of these high-theft merchandise includes:

  • Cleaning supplies 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Hygiene items 
  • Liquor and wine 
  • Skincare products 

In the past, many retailers would lock up their high-theft merchandise to ensure thieves couldn’t access the items. Unfortunately, locking up methods drastically impact the sales of those items. Many shoppers prefer not to ask for help from an associate and will visit another store to buy what they need. That’s where security shelf tools can be the difference maker. 

Although there are many different anti-sweep shelf tool designs and options on the market, here are some reasons retailers choose to use them.

  • Allows for open merchandising 
  • Prevents the removal of multiple products at once
  • Simple for shoppers to remove the items themselves
  • Many devices will work with existing planograms 
  • If made from quality materials, it will last for many years 

Choose the Right Shelf Security Tools for Your Store

Whether you have a loss prevention team working on ways to secure your store or it’s a small group of dedicated individuals, there are solutions for you. 

At PPS, we’re committed to finding loss prevention tools to help retailers regain control from shoplifters. Our most recent focus was finding tools to deter ORC groups from stores. And we found IMCo Solutions! They offer a line of loss-prevention devices that’ll deter shelf sweepers and secure your merchandise. Review their available products to determine if it’s the best solution for your needs.

We’re Here to Help You Deter Shoplifters 

We just provided you with a lot of information. We’re here to be a trusted resource and help you find the loss prevention solution to meet your business needs. Contact us if you have questions about the IMCo products or how anti-sweep devices can deter ORC and create a safer space for employees and shoppers!