As shrinkage continues to rise, it costs the retail industry $61.7 billion in loss (National Retail Federation Security Survey 2020), and energy drink theft is included in that loss! There are many reasons energy drinks are high theft items for both amateur and professionals, including:

  • Size and shape.
  • Quick ability to consume it while in the store
  • Easy resale value 

With that information known, it’s time to amp up your protection and learn why security tags for energy drinks can prevent loss and protect your profits! 

5 Reasons to Protect Your Energy Drinks 

Here are five reasons that it’s time you start protecting your energy drink cans. 

#1 Keep Selling this High Demand Product 

According to Statista, energy drink sales value in the United States is $13.97 billion. You don’t want to lose out on those potential sales!

#2 Deter Thieves in Their Tracks  

When thieves see a security device on the product, they will immediately want to withdraw from stealing it.

#3 Employees Can Focus on Helping Customers 

Instead of constantly watching these high theft items, employees can spend their time helping customers and completing other responsibilities. 

#4 Maintain Regular Customers

When energy cans are frequently stolen, it’s harder to keep your shelves full, which will cause your regular customers to start shopping at other locations.

#5 Invest in Other Business Needs

When you reduce loss and increase profits from your energy drinks, you can use those extra profits elsewhere in the business.

How Effective are Security Tags for Energy Drinks?

Bottle security tags provide immense benefits in stopping and preventing energy drink theft. There are some loss prevention products that allow you to protect 4, 12, and 24-can packages of energy drinks (quad wraps), which Product Protection Solutions (PPS) provide. However, PPS recommends the energy caps be your first choice. These energy caps are reusable, anti-theft devices that keep cans protected while still providing complete visibility to the customer. 

They are incredibly effective, thanks to their features.

  • Protects energy drinks in 8.4, 12, or 16-ounce cans
  • Works with traditional AM and RF antenna systems
  • Works with EAS & RFID systems
  • Provides full bottle coverage for open display protection 
  • Works with standard, super, and H-locks
  • Prevents the can from being opened without removing the cap and damaging it
  • Caps are individually marked with their size to simplify the securing process 

The PPS Approach

The PPS team aims at helping you protect your profits and create an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. The energy caps are a simple solution to a growing problem. 

Tim Gates, SVP Business Development at PPS, said, “The energy caps are the ideal asset for your loss prevention needs, especially for energy drinks. The cap’s design is easy to use and any employee can learn how to simply attach and detach it.”

Prevent Energy Drinks Loss While Protecting Your Profits 

The PPS team is committed to helping and improving the lives of business owners and loss prevention professionals through loss prevention products, technology, and customized solutions. If you’re looking for loss prevention assistance, contact our team, and we will work with you to find the best solution. 

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