Too many shoplifters? What number do you consider “too many?” Fifty incidents a week? Twenty? How about just one? 

Whether it’s a daily or weekly occurrence, one shoplifter is too many. You work hard to run a successful business, and having a loss prevention plan in place is one surefire way to protect your merchandise. 

While shoplifters will use different tactics to steal items, shelf sweeping is one common maneuver in convenience stores. This is mainly due to these stores’ convenient, ready-to-go products. And although there are anti-sweep solutions that help to deter thieves, some of them interfere with the customer’s experience. 

What if an anti-sweep solution could shield your merchandise from thieves while making it easy for customers to purchase? Well, breathe a sigh of relief because there are finally anti-sweep device options that are proven to deter theft while increasing customer sales! 

Deterring Theft Before It Occurs 

Between late-night hours, remote locations, and low-staffed stores, convenience stores appear to be easy targets for thieves. Knowing this, you probably already installed security cameras, posted anti-theft signage, and maybe even paid a security guard to monitor the store. But if you had the results you wanted, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. That’s why we’re here to help you. 

Theft deterrence is more than a security device or EAS system. It’s a strategy that tackles the theft before it even occurs. 

An Early Warning Solution 

When thieves attempt to steal merchandise, they avoid drawing attention to themselves. Instead, they do their best to stay undercover and be in and out as quickly as possible. 

What would they do if they were removing an item from a hook and they heard a beep? They might stop and reconsider their actions. What would they do if they attempted to sweep all the items hanging on the hook and an alarm immediately sounded? They probably will drop the products and run. 

Those situations above are called early warning solutions. It warns the thief that you’re monitoring those items. And it warns the staff that someone is active in the aisle.

It’s not uncommon for thieves to check out a store before making a shoplifting attempt. So, if they notice this warning system, there’s a high chance they will leave your store to find a new target. And it results in successfully deterring theft before it even occurs. 

4 Effective Convenience Store Loss Prevention Solution Options 

We’re always watching and listening to retailers’ needs (and potential needs). When we saw the need for anti-sweep devices continue to rise, we began searching for an effective and reliable option for retailers. That’s when we learned about IMCo Solutions. 

Devices Backed Up with Data 

During a study where IMCo interviewed shoplifters, they learned thieves would avoid stores with an early warning system on hot merchandise. This led IMCo to develop sound deterrent anti-sweep devices. Initiating a beep every time someone removes an item begins to deter thieves. And the best part? Paying customers are typically unaware of the beep because they’re too busy focusing on their shopping needs. 

Your Options 

Single Rod Hooks by IMCo

  • “L” shape design to prevent shelf sweeping 
  • Sounds a small beep when a person removes the item
  • Alarm settings are fully customizable

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Pro Plus Hooks by IMCo

  • Two prong design so a person can only remove one item at a time 
  • Releases a small beep during merchandise removal 
  • Customizable alarm options 

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Flex Panel by IMCo 

  • Secures products for whole-shelf protection
  • Allows for open merchandising 
  • Scalable options for increased security 

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B-Push by IMCo

  • Attaches to the flat surface of an existing pusher
  • Uses motion sensors to notify customers and staff about product removals
  • Emits sound during product removal 
  • Customizable alarm settings 

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Why PPS Should Be Your #1 Choice 

We’re a loss prevention company with a team of experts who can help combat loss while increasing your overall sales. When someone comes to us with a request, we look at the situation with a fresh perspective. We’ve seen one too many times the gaps that traditional solutions create. We use our connections, technology, and team knowledge to find an option that fits your needs.  

Contact us so we can help you determine the IMCo device that’ll fit your needs best!