Today’s retail industry is undergoing a radical transformation, where success hinges on forward-thinking solutions. Businesses are putting in the effort to go beyond mere transactions and instead focus on creating lasting impressions that connect with customers. 


IMCo Solutions shines as a beacon of innovation in the realm of smart retailing. With a suite of cutting-edge products, IMCo is rewriting the rules of retail with a dynamic, innovative approach to sales and security.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Retail Technology Today

In today’s market, retail is all about making experiences: customers will remember how their shopping experience made them feel. So the question is, what feelings does your store impress on its customers? Do they feel safe and secure while shopping? 


This question is at the heart of smart retailing. IMCo’s Smart Retailing approach revolves around their trio of loss prevention products: IMCo Hooks, IMCo Flex Panels, and IMCo Pushers. These modern solutions serve as the core components of a comprehensive retail strategy, transforming the way we manage security, customer engagement, and inventory.

IMCo Hooks

Say goodbye to conventional security methods that dampen the shopping experience. IMCo Hooks revolutionize the way we approach security. These unique security hooks feature two designs: the L-shaped Single Rod Hook and the innovative two-prong Pro Plus Hook. These hooks are specifically designed to outsmart even the most resourceful shoplifters. 


What really makes these hooks stand out is their sound deterrent feature. Whenever a product is picked up, a subtle beep is emitted, making thieves aware that their actions are not unnoticed. The result? Enhanced security without detraction from the shopping experience.

IMCo Flex Panels

Finding the perfect balance between protection and experience is at the core of smart retailing. This effort gave rise to IMCo’s Flex Panels, which use motion sensors to detect movement and emit a gentle beep when customers interact with products.


By incorporating IoT technology, these panels are taken to the next level, becoming even more powerful. They can now send real-time notifications to staff devices, empowering your store with smarter, interconnected functionality.

IMCo Pushers

IMCo Pushers are an essential component of smart retailing. Equipped with advanced motion sensors and sound deterrents, these pushers go beyond simple merchandise protection. Like its cousins, this device is built on a simple yet effective strategy. When a product is removed, the motion sensor emits a simple beep, deterring potential shoplifters and alerting staff.


If someone attempts to sweep multiple items, an alarm will be triggered. The brilliance of this product lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate into your current setups, offering the added benefit of IoT technology for enhanced control and connectivity. 

Experience Tomorrow’s Smart Retailing

IMCo Solutions is at the forefront of revolutionizing retail technology. By integrating security, experience, and data-driven insights, IMCo’s smart retailing solutions are building the industry toward a smarter future with demonstrable results:

  • Loss reduction by up to 88% 
  • Sales upswing by 14%
  • Swift ROI in mere weeks to months

IMCo Smart Retailing Solutions from PPS

Product Protection Solutions is proud to partner with IMCo Solutions to bring you these revolutionary security technologies. Smart retailing has evolved from a mere concept to an immersive reality that is actively reshaping the course of the retail industry. 


Discover the incredible potential of smart retailing with IMCo to enhance your business. Contact PPS today.