Retailers today are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to improve their loss prevention methods, streamline their store operations, and make their customers’ experiences better than ever before. The latest innovative solutions have the potential to completely transform your retail security operations.


Product Protection Solutions (PPS) is proud to showcase two cutting-edge smart shelf technologies from IMCo Solutions: the Flex Panel and the Pusher. Join us as we explore the numerous advantages these smart shelf solutions could offer your store.

IMCo Flex Panels — A Flexible and Powerful Solution

Superior Merchandise Security

IMCo Flex Panels offer superior merchandise security, protecting against organized retail crime and theft. Equipped with an audible deterrent and motion sensors, Flex Panel smart shelf technology is built to keep potential shoplifters in check.


These security measures make would-be thieves immediately aware of the store’s extensive surveillance, making them think twice before attempting to shoplift. Retailers can even personalize alarm settings and stay updated with real-time notifications, allowing swift response to any suspicious activity.

Empowering Employee Safety

Creating a secure working environment is crucial to ensure that employees feel safe and satisfied in their work environment. By fostering a sense of security and deterring instances of ORC (organized retail crime), IMCo Flex Panels improve workplace safety throughout the store, improving morale and providing extra protection for your staff.

Flexibility and Scalability

The Flex Panel’s capacity for self-installation and easy integration with existing loss-prevention strategies make it an adaptable option for retailers of all sizes. Retailers also have the choice to enhance the Flex Panel with IoT technology as needed, allowing for a more customized approach to security.

IMCo Pushers — Strengthening Loss Prevention

Shelf-Sweep Prevention

Pusher units are known for their convenient accessibility and ability to maintain a neat and orderly store display. The IMCo Pushers go above and beyond by actively discouraging shelf-sweeping, especially when it comes to organized retail crime. 


Like the Flex Panel, the Pusher’s motion sensors and sound deterrents provide an early alert to potential shoplifters, causing them to reconsider their intentions.

Streamlined Inventory Management

IMCo Pushers provide retailers with useful data insights, such as data on customer purchases and returns, item removal alerts, and out-of-stock updates. By integrating this data, inventory management becomes more efficient, allowing for timely restocking and reducing the occurrence of stockouts.

Data-Driven Success

The data on IMCo’s smart shelf solutions demonstrate tangible benefits. Retailers have shared positive news on their sales, which have seen a boost of 2 to 8%. Likewise, Pusher implementation has been shown to result in a significant decrease in shrinkage, ranging from 40 to 88%, depending on the product and store. 

Embrace the Future of Smart Shelf Solutions with PPS

A proactive approach is essential to successful retail security. IMCo smart shelf products from Product Protection Solutions provide retailers with remarkable benefits that are quickly transforming the way stores approach loss prevention, employee safety, and inventory management.

Enhance your retail security strategy and embrace the future of retail with confidence. Invest in IMCo smart shelf technology from PPS today. Contact PPS today.