Store Theft Prevention Solutions for Retailers

At PPS, we understand the need for loss prevention and asset protection products as store theft increases. Our loss prevention team has first-hand experience and knowledge to help you control theft. We can provide you with store theft prevention and loss prevention devices that best fit your needs.

Store theft prevention increases your bottom line!

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Store Theft Solutions
for All Retailers

The PPS team works with many retailers to find the right protection solutions and devices for them. 

We have experience working with: 

  • Apparel 
  • Discount 
  • DIY 
  • Drug
  • Grocery
  • Liquor
  • Mass Merchant
  • Sporting Goods
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Loss Prevention Solutions
for Any Budget

Many product protection devices are available, and the PPS team can help find the best solution for your specific needs. Our Keepsafe™ series includes safers, tags, beverage protection, alarm series, detachers, and EAS and RFID systems

We can help you protect your high shrink merchandise from theft.

  • Accessories 
  • Bottle and can applications 
  • Clothes and apparel 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Electronics 
  • Energy drinks
  • Food and grocery items 
  • Footwear 
  • Frozen products 
  • Infant formula 
  • OTC medications 
  • Sporting goods 
  • Wine and liquor

Need a Specific Solution?

The PPS team has years of experience working with retailers of all industries and providing them with loss prevention solutions. If you need a customized or enterprise option, let us know. We will find a solution to fit your goals and budget.

Source Tagging Options

We have experience with source tagging programs. Instead of applying security devices at the store, source tagging adds the security device before it arrives at your store’s location.

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Advantages with Benefit Denial Products

Benefit denial is a great option towards growing your store theft prevention. Benefit denial security devices leave products useless and destroyed if anyone attempts to remove them without the proper removal device. Benefit denial security methods include ink tags, ink pins, beverage security, and security labels (which help fight ORC).

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Is it Time to Begin Your Store Theft Prevention Strategy?

At PPS, we can help you with any type of store theft solution, including:

  • Starting a loss prevention strategy 
  • Revamping a loss prevention strategy 
  • Looking for simple loss prevention devices for immediate results 
  • Finding custom products to fit specific needs