Supermarket security and loss prevention strategies work together to help supermarkets and grocery stores stop thieves in their tracks. So whether you’re a small supermarket store or a large chain, theft can be a demanding problem for you.

Common loss prevention tactics include:

  • Training employees to spot shoplifters
  • Installing security cameras (and making sure someone can watch them)
  • Hiring private security officers

Unfortunately, those methods can only help so much, especially since inventory shrinkage is at an all-time high (National Retail Security Survey 2020). There are affordable and effective loss prevention solutions to store amateur and Organized Retail Crime (ORC) theft within your store. 

Supermarket Theft: Commonly Stolen Merchandise 

If you already know the most stolen items in your store, then you can begin to search for product-specific solutions to reduce that theft. However, if you’re still reviewing your data or want to be proactive in preventing theft, here is a list of the most stolen supermarket items.

  • Meat (steaks, frozen meat, roasts)
  • Energy drinks 
  • Liquor and wine 
  • Baby formula 
  • Laundry detergent 

How Supermarkets Can Prevent Theft 

Now that you understand commonly stolen items in a supermarket, it’s time to learn about specific product protection solutions. These solutions are affordable options that can help reduce your inventory shrinkage. 

#1 Meat

Maybe it’s because of its steadily rising costs or its high resale value, all varieties of meat are popular with thieves. From high-end steaks to frozen meats, they are popular items for both amateur and ORC thieves. Read our previous article about Meat Theft Rising to learn what makes this item so attractive to shoplifters. 

The Solution

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) anti-theft labels are an ideal option for preventing theft. These labels can:

  • Withstand a variety of temperatures 
  • Meet health and sanitation standards 
  • Be microwave safe 

Remember that not all EAS labels are equal. Do your research and talk to your solution provider to guarantee you’re using the correct labels for your needs. We have a white paper on “Improving Meat Security for Chilled and Frozen Products” to help you learn more about EAS tagging options for meat products. Download here.

#2 Energy Drinks & Liquor and Wine 

Thanks to their size and shape, energy drink cans, along with liquor and wine bottles, are easier for thieves to hide when walking out of the store. Thanks to its popularity, locking up these items could result in fewer sales, but an affordable solution is available. 

The Solution

Bottle security tags are the ideal solution for protecting without locking up the product. The Keepsafe™ Bottle security tags allow for open merchandising. In addition, they are an affordable option because they are reusable.

#3 Baby Formula 

Baby formula theft usually results from a desperate caregiver or the high resale value ORC thieves’ want. Even though the container size can vary, thieves can find a way to walk out of the store with these items using strategic placement.

The Solution

Sonic 2-Alarm Can Wraps offer a practical and reusable solution to preventing this item while keeping it on open display for customers. The Formula Caps are the ideal solution for protecting infant and toddler formula. You can choose to have traditional wraps with no alarms. For added protection, use alarming quad wraps that will alarm staff if someone tries to remove the security device.  

#4 Laundry Detergent 

It’s a common misconception that laundry detergent and other large-sized items are safe from thieves because of the inability to conceal the products. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with professional thieves, who find new and creative ways to steal these items.

The Solution

The Swing Gate protection device is simple to install and offers a strong visual deterrent for thieves. The Swing Gate allows loyal customers to easily access the product and notify employees when it’s in use. In addition, you can customize the product to fit your specific needs. Learn more about the Swing Gate.

Next Steps for Supermarket Security & Loss Prevention 

Understanding that product-specific loss prevention devices are on the market can allow you to begin protecting your high-theft inventory. Product Protection Solutions (PPS) are a leading loss prevention solutions provider who can help you meet your loss prevention goals. 

Contact the PPS team to learn how we can help you.