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Keepsafe™ D2 TESTER |

The PPS Keepsafe™ D2 Tester is a reliable solution that effectively tests non-alarming deactivators and RF EAS antennas. The RF Tester will also trigger the alarm on the gates when within range.The compact size allows for management or LP personnel to easily carry and keep on their person at all times. The LED indicators with audible alerts, will notify the user as to whether or not the deactivator or antenna is generating a signal. This simplistic approach allows for easy assessment by any user.

General Use and Application

  • Tester is activated by pressing and holding the button; Tester is deactivated by releasing the button
  • LED indicators and audible alerts allow for easy use and notification
  • Tester alerts user with audible beeps and flashing LED when it detects an active RF field
  • Tester automatically alarms when in range or RF EAS antenna
  • Tester automatically stops alarming when out of RF field zone
  • Convenient key hole and compact size allows unit to hang from lanyard or key ring

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