5 Reasons Why We Let People Steal this One Thing…

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Some people think this is dangerous or should be reserved only for your personal life. Still, the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team has no fear; we know the risk, and we do it anyway...while we are quick to provide an LP solution, there is one thing we let you steal from the PPS team just [...]

Learn Daily, Practical Solutions for Health & Wellness with PPS

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PPS teams up with the Loss Prevention Foundation & Movement Rx to offer 2 free webinars!  (Swansboro, NC – February 2, 2021) Product Protection Solutions (PPS) is partnering with the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF) and Movement Rx to give back to the loss prevention (LP) community. Register for this 2-part webinar series, sponsored by PPS: Thursday, [...]

Stop High Demand Winter Products from Disappearing off Your Shelves!

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4 Key Points to Protecting your Inventory (Swansboro, NC – January 21, 2021) Product Protection Solutions' (PPS) Keepsafe™ Safers will keep your cold medicines, hydrating lotions, creams, and other high theft, high demand items protected. The Keepsafe™ Safers will: Reduce retail shrink and fight Organized Retail Crime (ORC). Keep merchandise on open display while locked [...]

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Safeguard Your Frozen Treats with Pint Protectors!

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PPS’s Keepsafe™ Series keeps getting better (Swansboro, NC - November 5, 2020) Product Protection Solutions’ (PPS) Keepsafe™ Pint Protector is designed to protect the most popular frozen shrink items on the market. While physically protecting the frozen items, this security device can be integrated into existing RF or AM EAS systems. The Keepsafe™ Pint Protectors [...]

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