Loss Prevention vs. Security within the Retail Industry

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The retail industry has continued to grow and adapt to numerous changes over the years. So, it makes sense that product protection should evolve and adapt to those changes too. In the early days of the retail industry, store security's main focus was preventing theft from shoplifters. Then loss prevention evolved from security as a [...]

How to Avoid Loss: Loss Prevention Strategies

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Developing and maintaining a loss prevention strategy is an ongoing process for any business professional (whether you’re the business owner, finance, merchandising, or loss prevention professional). You will need to adapt to a constantly changing retail environment and make loss prevention changes as necessary. Begin by understanding the company’s needs and goals. This will [...]

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4 Ways the TotalLP App Will Make Your Job Easier

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The Product Protection Solution's (PPS) TotalLP app’s design improves loss prevention (LP) and asset protection professional's lives and will make your job easier. The app will keep you informed and up-to-date on shoplifting trends, decrease your retail shrinkage, help to reduce employee lost time, and more!  4 Ways to Make Your LP Job Easier With [...]

Loss Prevention App Helps to Prevent Strain Injuries at the Source

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Retail companies paid $64 million in losses due to strain injuries! Product Protection Solutions (PPS) updates their TotalLP app to include health and wellness solutions to prevent injuries. App users will have access to a physical and mental self-assessment and performance-based physical therapy videos to avoid strain and other injuries. Movement Rx’s self-assessment will help [...]

5 Reasons Why We Let People Steal this One Thing…

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Some people think this is dangerous or should be reserved only for your personal life. Still, the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team has no fear; we know the risk, and we do it anyway...while we are quick to provide an LP solution, there is one thing we let you steal from the PPS team just [...]

Stop High Demand Winter Products from Disappearing off Your Shelves!

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4 Key Points to Protecting your Inventory (Swansboro, NC – January 21, 2021) Product Protection Solutions' (PPS) Keepsafe™ Safers will keep your cold medicines, hydrating lotions, creams, and other high theft, high demand items protected. The Keepsafe™ Safers will: Reduce retail shrink and fight Organized Retail Crime (ORC). Keep merchandise on open display while locked [...]

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Working Together on Halting the Sale of Stolen Items Online

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Integrity, Notification, and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces for Consumers (INFORM) Act We want to take a moment to express our focus and commitment to helping and improving the lives of loss prevention and asset protection team members. PPS is a company dedicated to being your trusted advisor for all your LP needs. As we [...]

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