Seven Emerging Technologies in Retail

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As we move forward, it's fascinating to see how the retail industry is constantly changing. Technology has become a crucial factor in shaping the way we shop and enhancing our overall experience.    Now more than ever, consumers expect more than a wall of products — they want an immersive, convenient, and personalized experience. As [...]

5 Stock Loss Prevention Techniques to Prevent Shrinkage

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Do you want to implement a successful stock loss prevention strategy? If so, it’s essential to understand the foundational parts needed. At its core, stock loss prevention aims to reduce or prevent loss from product shrinkage without affecting the customer’s shopping experience. Depending on your goals, this can include finding solutions for external theft, [...]

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Top 10 Retail Loss Prevention Best Practices

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The 2020 National Retail Security Survey showed that theft, fraud, and retail shrink losses totaled $61.7 billion in 2019. This growing trend hasn't slowed down, even with 2022 only a few weeks away! For all supermarkets, fashion outlets, and retail stores, if you haven't maintained (or even began) a loss prevention strategy, now is the [...]

5 Ways We Stopped the Grinch from Stealing Christmas!

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Imagine what we can do for you! TotalLP App - Scan to Source: scan a product's UPC and find item-specific theft prevention solutions in seconds, then shop and save on those solutions, all in the app. Download here: (Google Play Store - Apple Store) Keepsafe™ Beverage Protection - The reusable, anti-theft device keeps the item [...]

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