The Advantages of RFID Retail Security Tags

By |2023-06-29T18:49:11+00:00May 9th, 2023|News, Retail Loss Prevention|

Protecting valuable merchandise from theft is a top priority for virtually every retailer. However, establishing effective security measures can be a challenge, especially when it comes to balancing security with customer convenience, cost, and operational efficiency. Fortunately, RFID retail security tags are an elegant solution for a wide variety of threats to your security. [...]

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How Do RFID Tags Work & How to Select the Best One?

By |2022-11-05T19:05:37+00:00March 10th, 2022|Loss Prevention Solutions, News|

RFID tags are part of a network-connected security EAS system that uses radio waves to transmit data back and forth from the base (EAS system) and the reader (RFID tag). RFID technology has shown tremendous benefits with loss prevention success over the years. These devices are effective loss prevention tools that also work as an [...]

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