As shrinkage continues to increase for retailers, the National Retail Federation’s 2019 National Retail Security Survey estimates that $50.6 billion in shrinkage will impact the industry. That noticeable amount also includes wine and liquor shrinkage, making theft protection even more vital in the months and years ahead. 

What preparations are you putting into place to protect your inventory and your sales? Wine bottle locks are one effective long-term solution to help prevent shrinkage. Learn why bottle locks are essential and how to incorporate them into your loss prevention strategy while increasing your sales.

Why are Wine Bottle Locks Important?

You understand that protecting your merchandise from thieves is part of a successful business strategy, but do you know why wines and liquors are highly targeted items? Learning a little about why amateur and professional thieves target these items can help equip you with ways to protect your merchandise from being targeted by these criminals. 

  • Easy to conceal in bags, purses, and coats 
  • Provides a high resale value (especially around the holidays)
  • Readily available on the shelves
  • Retailers who have a “no chase and no confrontation” policy in place 
  • Lack of security systems and products at the store’s location 

What to Expect When Using Wine Bottle Locks

If you’ve never used a bottle lock before, make sure to find a model that’s simple to use. This will help to ensure your staff feels comfortable placing and removing the bottle locks daily. At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), our Keepsafe™ Bottle Security Tags can easily be placed over the bottle’s neck and removed quickly. This design helps to ensure it doesn’t slow down your checkout process. 

EAS Systems and Bottle Locks 

Step up your wine bottle lock protection by combining it with your EAS or RFID system. Our bottle locks are compatible with AM and RF EAS systems and RFID systems to help provide additional protection for your merchandise. 

Increase Sales with Wine Bottle Locks

Did you know that loss prevention tools, like wine bottle locks, can increase your sales? Loss prevention solutions are an easy and effective strategy that helps deter thieves and increases your product sales. 

Here are some fundamental features that wine bottle locks offer that allow you to increase your sales while deterring theft.

  • Keeps products on open display – allowing customers to purchase the item easily
  • Visible security in place – making thieves think twice before returning to your store
  • Reusable security tags – pay once and keep on using; many tags have a 10+ year lifespan 
  • Interchangeable among products – some tags can be used interchangeably among similar-sized products 

Contact the Theft Prevention Experts in Wine Bottle Locks 

At PPS, we provide bottle security tags and other loss prevention solutions to protect your merchandise and profits. We work one-on-one with our customers to find the solution that’ll fit their needs and business goals. If there’s not a current solution available, we’ll customize one for you! 

Connect with us to learn how you can protect your wines and liquors before the holiday season begins! Contact us online or by phone at 866-750-5744.