The Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is the future of loss prevention technology. If you haven’t heard of this emerging application, now is the time to learn about it. 

IoT technology uses the internet to transfer data between two or more devices. For example, you’re working in the back office when you receive a notification on your Apple Watch, “potential incident over by the razor cartridges in aisle 10.” Thanks to IoT, you can notify a staff member to check the occurrence. 

This is a significant advancement for loss prevention because you can use it with theft prevention measures and leverage it in your other areas. And thanks to the continual advances of artificial intelligence (AI), the possibilities are endless for how we could use IoT for loss prevention. Now let’s look at how IoT can strengthen your business and devices on the market utilizing this loss prevention technology. 

How IoT Can Strengthen Your Loss Prevention Strategies  

You can connect one IoT device to any of your tools that link to the internet, including your:

  • Inventory management programs 
  • Smart TVs
  • POS systems 

If you’re wondering how connecting these tools to a TV help with reducing theft and increasing sales, you’re about to learn the various ways IoT can strengthen your business strategies. 

Inventory Management Programs for Stocking 

IoT can keep you informed on accurate, current stock levels. An added benefit is that you can set notifications to alert staff of low-stock inventory so they can properly restock items. Maintaining stocked merchandise at all times makes it easy for customers to purchase (and increases your sales). 

Smart TVs for Product Video

When a customer removes a product, IoT can trigger a video about that item to increase customer engagement. Whereas the sound that comes with the video could scare off potential thieves. 

POS Systems for New Product Launches 

When introducing a new item and you want to see how well customers are considering it, you can use IoT to monitor purchases and returns. 

Forceful IoT Loss Prevention Devices on the Market 

The Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team is a powerful ally in your corner! We do the work of researching, finding, and vetting loss prevention options, so when you come to us for a solution, we have the answer. 

“When we began looking for IoT tools that would help protect products while increasing sales through open merchandising, we found IMCo Solutions. IMCo develops loss prevention devices that use several methods to accomplish both of those goals. And they shared with us metrics that their products can increase retail sales 2-8% while reducing shrinkage to 40-88% depending on the product and store,” said Tim Gates, SVP of Business Development at PPS. 

What You Can Expect from IMCo Products 

You can create custom notifications for all their IoT products. For example, you can choose to be informed when someone removes more than X number of products within X seconds. And you can choose who receives that notification. In addition, their products serve as a powerful theft deterrent by sounding beeps every time someone removes a product and sounding an alarm when a person removes several products. 

IMCo Products from PPS 

  • Flexible
  • Out-of-stock alerts
  • ORC alerts 
  • Scalable
  • Self-install

These IoT devices can shield your merchandise and assist with customer sales. 

IoT Pusher by IMCo

The pusher system detects when someone removes and replenishes a product from the shelf. Then uses IoT to alert your staff of this activity. All of this while allowing open merchandising.

IoT Hook by IMCo

Increase your front-facing merchandise protection with this two-prong solution. It makes shelf sweeping highly unlikely by preventing anyone from removing more than one item at a time. 

PPS Is at the Forefront of Loss Prevention Technology

Get a boost above your competition by taking advantage of the latest loss prevention technology on the market — IoT. 


Contact us to learn how IMCo Solution products can increase your sales and deter theft.