Have you ever bought retail theft prevention devices online? It’s a quick and efficient option when you only have a few minutes to spare. Although it can become a time-consuming task if you’re unsure which is the right choice for you. Since there are hundreds of retail theft prevention devices on the market. 

There is good news, you can sort many of those devices into category types, making purchasing more manageable. This article explains the most popular tools on the market so you can secure your merchandise with confidence. 

5 Types of Retail Theft Prevention Devices on the Market 

With all the products on the market, knowing what you want to look for is one step toward navigating the search process. Some of the most popular categories with their devices are below. 

Attachable/Removable Devices 

These devices are easy for staff to add to the product while stocking shelves and easy to remove during checkout. In addition, they allow shoppers to select the items themselves without asking for assistance.

This can include devices like:

  • Bottle Security Tags and Caps
  • Cable Locks 
  • Pins
    • Traditional 
    • Lanyard 
  • Safers
    • Hinged 
    • Slotted 
    • Specialty
  • Tags
    • Blister Tags
    • Ink Tags
  • Quad Wraps 

EAS Systems 

Theft prevention systems provide 360-degree protection while offering additional benefits from inventory management, people counting, and more. If you’re looking to purchase a system, it’s best to contact the seller when you’re ready to buy. 

Learn what to look for when selecting an EAS RFID theft prevention system.

Security Cases 

Typically, these include clear, glass cases where you lock merchandise inside. Then when a customer is ready to purchase, they’ll need to find a store associate for help. 

Security Labels 

Unlike removable devices, staff applies the label during stocking then the cashier deactivates it when a customer purchases the item. This option works well for securing large quantities in bulk (called source tagging) or discreetly hiding the alarm while maintaining the product’s appearance. 

Read this article to learn if an in-store or source tagging application is right for you. 

Self-Install Devices 

If you need to secure items of high quality (but not in bulk), self-install devices are a practical option. Depending on your needs and budget, there are several choices. 

Smart Shelf devices use AI to monitor theft trends, alert the staff if someone removes several products at once, provide real-time stock data, and more. And there are some devices available that work for small and oversized merchandise.

Another self-install option is stoplocks for pegged merchandise. You can easily add and remove the lock yourself, and they work well with:

  • Products that hang on display hooks 
  • Easy to conceal items
  • Saving shelf space 
  • Existing planograms  

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