When you’re away from the office, can you relax and take your mind off work? If you’re like many grocery store loss prevention professionals we know, that statement is easier said than done. That’s where we can step in and assist you.

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), our team takes a unique approach to grocery store theft prevention by looking outside of the box. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the gaps left open by traditional supermarket loss prevention tools. So, by combining loss prevention technology and security solutions, we’ve found the top three grocery store theft prevention devices that have proven successful for retailers. 

Loss Prevention Solutions That Go Beyond Traditional Applications 

You already know the most common strategies for theft prevention:

  • Train employees to watch for theft
  • Increase focus on customer service 
  • Install an EAS system
  • Hire security guards 
  • Hang security signage and mirrors

While the above techniques are helpful, they still leave gaps for shoplifters, including Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups. And since $461.86 is the average dollar amount lost per shoplifting incident, which is a significant increase of $191.80 in 2019 (source), investing in high-quality, reliable anti-theft devices now can save you money and stress in the future. The good news is there are several loss prevention devices that not only deter shoplifters but take it a step further and deter ORC groups away from your store. 

The Top 3 Grocery Store Theft Prevention Solutions for Retailers 

Your time is valuable, so we’ll get straight to the point. Below are the top three theft prevention solutions for grocery stores and what makes them the ideal solution for your loss prevention needs. If you would rather talk to us about your goals, complete our online form, and we’ll get in touch with you.

Meat EAS Labels and Security Tags

Securing chilled and frozen meat products can sometimes take longer than it’s worth, especially when you try devices that are “supposed” to work and fail to meet your expectations. 


Nedap’s EAS Anti-Theft Labels

The Difference Maker

  • Microwave-safe 
  • Meets health and sanitation standards 
  • Withstands refrigeration and freezing temperatures necessary to store meat

More Information 

Read our white paper on “Improving Meat Security for Chilled and Frozen Products,” and learn more about the valuable benefits this device provides grocers. 

Bottle Security Tags 

Whether you need to secure wine or liquor bottles, baby formula, or ice cream pint containers, there’s a reusable option available. We found a solution that’ll work with your current planogram and can grow with your needs.


PPS Keepsafe™ Bottle Security Tags

The Difference Maker

  • Protects a variety of bottle and can applications 
  • Compatible with EAS and RFID technologies 
  • It uses a magnetic lock protection 
  • Reduces inventory shrinkage
  • Made from quality, durable materials to withstand repeated use 

More Information 

Read more about how alcohol bottle locks can help to deter theft and increase your profits in our white paper.

And learn more item-specific details on the various devices below:

Anti-Sweep Shelf Protection 

Shelf sweeping is a popular ORC tactic. Securing your shelves with an open merchandising device allows you to maintain your customer’s shopping experience while keeping the shoplifters at bay. 


IMCo Loss Prevention and In-Store Analytics Solutions 

The Difference Maker

  • Features a sound deterrent to deter thieves 
  • Flexibility to use with a variety of merchandise 
  • Can grow with your loss prevention needs
  • Use as a loss prevention device or upgrade it to become an in-store analytics solution 
  • You can integrate it with other security solutions and communications systems

More Information 

Read about IMCo Solutions Pusher devices and the success retailers are having with them.

Learn about IMCo Solutions Easy Glide and how it can give your shelves the ability to talk! 

Bonus: An Emerging Theft Prevention Technology | IoT 

Before we end this article, have you heard about IoT for loss prevention? The Internet of Things (or IoT) opens a new door of possibilities for grocery store theft prevention. If you want to gain an edge over ORC and shoplifters, you’ll want to learn more about this new technology, “The Future of Loss Prevention Technology Is IoT Devices.”

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