Although protecting merchandise from being stolen is just one of many responsibilities Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals face, it is the most complicated and the most annoying. After surveying LP/AP executives, we compiled a list of the Top 3 most annoying things LP/AP professionals endure while trying to protect their merchandise:

  1. Protection Identification: Knowing which protection device goes to which product is always a challenge. Shelf space and cost are two of the top concerns that weigh on LP field professionals.
  2. Documenting all the needs: Many LP professionals visit several stores per day and do so for several consecutive days. Taking notes on the specific product protection needs of each store, by product, is quite burdensome.
  3. Going back to the office to place an order: Rummaging through the week’s notes and sitting at a computer making an order is especially annoying. This system of ordering causes delays on getting the protection devices to the stores in a timely fashion and is fraught wit risk of errors. Making sure the right protection devices and the right quantity of devices go to the right stores is paramount to the success of any loss prevention initiative, so simplifying this process is a pivotal achievement once accomplished.

With LP Now, the new first-of-its-kind app specifically for LP professionals, all three of these annoyances are crippled. Having LP Now on a mobile device allows LP/AP professionals to simply scan the UPC on any high-theft product to determine the best protection device to protect it. Then, with the click of a button, the protection devices can be ordered immediately, allowing the LP/AP professional to instantly fulfill their product protection needs and continue with their store visit.

The LP Now app is available at Google Play and the App Store.

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