Trustworthy, Fast, & Advanced Loss Prevention Solutions

At PPS, we fill the gaps created by traditional retail loss prevention solutions. We’ll guide you in developing a strategy that’s right for your goals. Whether you need item-specific or a complete EAS system option, we’re here to deliver quick resolutions while working within your budget!

Get To Know PPS

At Product Protection Solutions (PPS), we work with retailers of all sizes and from various industries to reduce shrinkage, create an improved customer shopping experience, and increase overall profitability. We offer everything from enterprise to individual custom applications. At the same time, our flexibility and expertise allow us to dedicate the resources needed for you.

5 Benefits When You Work with PPS

There’s no guesswork involved when you work with us! Here are just a few advantages you can expect. 

  • Access to the Latest AM, RF, and RFID Technologies 
  • 360-Degree Protection Approach – Support for Your Whole Business
  • Customizable Options to Fit Your Goals 
  • Guarantee Extreme Resistance to Thieves with the PPS Keepsafe™ Series
  • Grow Your Profits While Reducing Shrinkage 

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We’re Here to Meet Your Goals!

At PPS, we can meet your needs. Whether it’s finding security products for immediate results, creating a loss prevention strategy, or revamping a current one, we’re here for you.

Contact a PPS team member to learn about our loss prevention solutions!