Did you know the most stolen item in a grocery store are cheese products (source)? In 2019, cheese sales went over $114.1 billion globally. Unfortunately, cheese isn’t the only product targeted by amateur and professional thieves. Other high shrink grocery store merchandise includes personal health items, laundry detergent, baby formula, and meat.

Implementing loss prevention solutions can help you prevent these losses and secure your bottom line. 

Tips on How to Protect the Most Common Stolen Items in a Grocery Store 

Now that you know some of the most commonly stolen items in a grocery store, here are tools and strategies you can implement in your business. 

#1 Monitor Theft Trends 

When reviewing theft trends, make sure to look at:

  • Your store’s high shrink items
  • High shrink items in your geographical area
  • The theft numbers for your area 
  • Determine how frequently thieves target your store’s location 

The above categories will help you choose what type and level of loss prevention you might need. If you’re unable to review all the above items, ask trusted staff members to assist. The sooner you can understand where the shrinkage occurs, the sooner you can secure your products and profits

#2 Review (or Implement) Current Loss Prevention Policies 

What type of loss prevention processes do you have in place? These policies can help to strengthen unification among your staff as they work towards a common goal, preventing loss. Your loss prevention policies also make it clear what the team should do if they notice a shoplifter, suspect internal theft, or if they want to share their ideas. 

#3 Provide Ongoing Loss Prevention Training 

Whether you have new or seasoned employees, maintaining a regular training program (even once a year) can make a significant difference. Your staff is a valuable line of defense for your store. They spend the most time with customers, other employees, and on the floor with the merchandise. They can usually find potential problems before they occur or even offer helpful suggestions.

This training can reinforce their knowledge and improve the confidence of anyone who might still be unsure what they should be doing.

#4 Learn About Product-Specific Protection Devices

Numerous loss prevention tools are available, from EAS systems to item-specific devices. Your needs depend on your budget, overall theft numbers, and business goals. Some businesses prefer to start with product-specific solutions:

#5 Review Your Store’s Layout

This simple solution helps you discover “blind spots” within your store. Reviewing the layout once or twice a year is helpful.

  • Search for hidden spots from cameras, mirrors, or employees
  • Thoroughly review walkways of high shrink items
  • Reduce clutter on shelves, walkways, and product displays

Loss Prevention Solutions for Supermarket Security 

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