In the world of retail, staying a step ahead of security threats demands continual innovation. The IMCo Solutions Smart Hook offers a revolutionary approach to retail security beyond the typical measures of loss prevention. 


In this post, we’ll explore what exactly a Smart Hook is, its features and benefits, and how it could be a game-changer for stores like yours.

Smart Hooks and the Internet of Things

IMCo’s Smart Hook harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing it to communicate smoothly with a variety of Internet-connected devices. This connectivity allows a variety of capabilities to redefine your loss prevention:

Real-Time Notifications

The Smart Hook can deliver notifications to select devices and personnel, such as staff, management, or POS systems. This swift communication helps to keep your team on top of every potential threat.

ORC Alerts

The Smart Hook also acts as an early warning system against organized retail crime, better known as ORC. Instant warnings allow you to respond quickly, preventing even the most sophisticated theft attempts.

Out-of-Stock Alerts

Smart Hooks can monitor item removal to track inventory levels and provide real-time out-of-stock alerts. This ensures your team can maintain stock so you never miss an easy sale.

Two Varieties of Smart Hook Security

IMCo Solutions is proud to provide practical and dependable loss prevention solutions, and the Smart Hook is par for the course. It comes in two distinct designs: the Single Rod Hook and the Pro Plus Hook, each providing a distinct approach to preventing theft and improving operational efficiency.

The Single Rod Hook

With an L-shaped design, this hook makes it far more difficult to remove multiple items at once, functioning as a dependable anti-sweep measure and a firm deterrent to theft.

The Pro Plus Hook

With a more advanced two-prong design, the Pro Plus Hook improves on the design of the Single Rod model with additional challenges for would-be shoplifters.

Flexible, Scalable, Out-of-the-Box Solutions

The beauty of the Smart Hook lies in its versatility. Retailers can select individual features based on their business’s needs and even scale those features as demands change. Easy self-installation makes setting up your IoT network of devices an approachable task so you can have your security system up and running quickly.

Sound Deterrent and Proven Success

The Smart Hook is more than just a preventative measure; it also deters prospective theft in real time. Every time an item is taken from the shelf, a brief beep sounds, informing the taker and anyone near the activity that attention may be needed. IMCo’s Smart Hooks have proven effective in practice, returning promising numbers like:

  • Retail sales increased by 2-8%, depending on location
  • Shrinkage levels reduced by 40–88%, depending on location

More IMCo Devices From Product Protection Solutions

In an industry where every moment matters, IMCo Solutions showcases the kind of cutting-edge innovation we rely on. That’s why we at Product Protection Solutions are proud to offer a variety of IMCo devices. Equip yourself with the improved security, reduced losses, and superior shopping experience your business deserves. Get in touch with PPS today to discover a new era of retail security.


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