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iphone with pps app, stacked on pps security products
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RFID Systems




Access Control


Smart Shelves


Secure Any Retail Product. Period.

Empower your businesses with smarter security. PPS delivers tailored solutions that safeguard your assets and optimize your bottom line. We leverage best-in-class AM, RF, and RFID technologies to build cost-effective strategies that protect against theft and shrinkage, driving measurable results for your peace of mind.

Full 360-Degree Protection

PPS targets the critical zones — where vulnerability meets opportunity. Loss prevention requires focused attention, which is why we zero in on the three key areas most susceptible to theft:

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Store Perimeter

retail store with entry and exit highlighted

Entry/exit points

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Product Displays

By fortifying these strategic zones, we help you choke off potential avenues for loss, protecting your business comprehensively.

Guaranteed to Secure Any Product

Keep outdated security like traditional locks in the past. PPS Keepsafe™ H-Lock & H-Detacher revolutionizes magnetic protection with an impregnable shield against standard detachers, seamlessly integrating with AM, RF, and RFID for multi-layered defense.

Plus, it unlocks the potential for advanced features like benefit denial, alarms, and lanyards. Upgrade your security game with the most advanced solution on the market.

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Our Keepsafe™ Series provides maximum resistance, with item-specific protection available.


The PPS team listens to your needs to find the solutions that fit your goals.

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Practical Solutions
Proven to Work

Turn theft into frustration. With PPS benefit denial solutions — ink tags and pins, tamper-proof labels, beverage security, etc. — you can render stolen goods useless, deterring thieves and protecting your profits.

Make the Most Out of New Technology

PPS empowers you to outsmart thieves with advanced technologies and customized strategies. With the right security products in place and complete system integration, you’ll be fully prepared for any retail crime incident.

Our Loss Prevention Partners

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About the PPS Team

Worried about retail shrink? We’ve got your back! Our team of loss prevention experts is dedicated to helping you reduce shrinkage and increase profits. We take a holistic approach, considering all aspects of your business to find the best solutions.