Access Control Systems

Revolutionize your retail security. With Quinn Digital’s cutting-edge infrastructure and vast resources, PPS delivers comprehensive access control solutions, empowering you to safeguard your commercial facilities 24/7.

Elevate your security beyond traditional methods the smarter way with Product Protection Solutions.

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Physical Access Control

Lock down your security while unlocking your peace of mind.

PPS’s physical access control solutions are built with fortress-level qualities, safeguarding the entry points of your controlled locations. We pride ourselves on flexible, cost-effective, and personalized installations, ensuring you have complete control over who enters your facilities, including both staff and visitors.

Our expert-installed features offer many valuable advantages:

Advanced Door Access

Stop intruders in their tracks with our door access systems. They act as your gatekeepers, featuring a customizable arsenal of options, from keypads to advanced card scanners. Restrict unauthorized entry and gain complete control over who enters your facilities.

Status Monitoring

See it all, from anywhere, by managing your security 24/7 with PPS’s advanced access control solutions. They grant you complete remote oversight of your secured entryways. Monitor the status of doors — open, closed, locked, unlocked — in real time.

Visitor Management

Know who’s coming and going, all from your fingertips. PPS’s access control solutions empower your team to seamlessly manage visitor flow. Track entries and exits, ensuring only authorized individuals access your facilities at any given time.

Occupant Intercom and Notification Systems

Talk to anyone, anytime, from anywhere. PPS’s access control solutions go beyond entry points with integrated two-way audio communication systems that enable seamless staff and visitor interaction with a simple button press.

Cloud-Based Auditing

Leave no trace unseen by securing your facilities with comprehensive audit trails. We leverage cutting-edge technology to record activity at every entry point. Access detailed, cloud-based audit trails and see exactly who comes and goes from your facilities 24/7.

Physical Access Control

Unlock the future of security and ditch the keys. With the full support of Quinn Digital’s resources, PPS redefines keyless entry. Our cutting-edge access control seamlessly integrates with mobile credentials, empowering you and your staff with:

Unparalleled security

Effortless convenience

Streamlined efficiency

card reader access

PPS mobile credential technologies can take your access control to the next level with:

keyless entry devices

Keyless Entry

Keys are relics of the past — bulky, easily lost, and limited in their potential. PPS revolutionizes security by transforming smartphones into keys. Say goodbye to fumbling with keychains and physical tokens.
authentication device on phone

Authentication Methods

PPS takes advantage of your phone’s built-in security features — PIN codes, fingerprint ID, and even facial recognition — to improve your building’s access control. Now you can lose the keys for good when you experience the convenience and enhanced security of mobile access.
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PPS shields your security with ironclad encryption. Our mobile access control solutions transmit data with advanced defenses, safeguarding your building against cyberattacks and creating an impenetrable barrier for your facilities.
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Your Trusted Partner

The PPS Team will provide you with whole business support that looks for solutions to fit your unique needs and goals. Contact us to get started.