Retail Loss Prevention for Apparel

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Prevent Theft With Asset Protection Strategies

Any successful retail business must take a proactive approach to minimizing shrink. As one of the most popular types of items involved in shoplifting, employee theft, and return fraud, apparel needs unique solutions to keep merchandise safe until it’s purchased by your customers.

Product Protection Solutions is here to help you make your store safer than ever.

The Goal of Retail Loss Prevention

The ultimate goal of retail loss prevention is to preserve profits while keeping your staff safe and maintaining a welcoming shopping environment for your customers.

There are many effective strategies that retailers can implement, including proper staffing, training, proper inventory management, and taking concrete steps to prevent theft. The best way to protect your profits is to take advantage of ALL those strategies.

The PPS team offers a variety of creative and inventive solutions that help business owners minimize losses and secure their bottom line.

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Tools for Reducing Shrink and Preventing Crime

With PPS on your side, you’ll be equipped with the best loss-prevention solutions for your store’s unique needs and goals. Our popular Keepsafe™ series protection devices come with valuable benefits, including:
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Deterring internal and external theft

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Managing shrink more efficiently

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Increasing revenue and profit

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Extreme Resistance to Thieves

The Keepsafe series of products provides next-level protection for your apparel products because they:

Provide extra protection when standard and super locks fall short

Offer the most advanced magnetic lock protection available

Are easy to use

Are produced with durable, high-quality materials

Include the unique Keepsafe H-Lock and H-Detacher (only available from PPS)

Can’t be duplicated by thieves or bought anywhere else

Are unable to be detached using standard, super, and hyperlock detachers

EAS and RFID Systems for Retail Security

The EAS and RFID security systems from PPS provide the maximum protection you can find on the market. They’re superior to other solutions because they:

Include 24/7 protection

Integrate with other theft protection devices via EAS, AM, RF, and RFID technologies

Automatically recognize merchandise

Can sound an alarm when removed

Deter potential thieves from attempting to steal

Reduce internal theft

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PPS Supports Your Retail Loss Prevention Goals

When you partner with PPS for your loss prevention needs, our team will work with you to create a plan, find the right solutions, and stay within your budget.