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Keepsafe™ EAS Systems & RFID Systems

Stop shrink and increase inventory availability with superior radio frequency identification (RFID) based electronic article surveillance (EAS) and inventory management. PPS provides its customers with the entire line of Nedap’s RFID EAS systems, including the Nedap iSense series!

Choose from RFID EAS systems that:

  • Alarm on active tags leaving the store 
  • Provide item-level inventory visibility and management
  • Detect directionality of tags to prevent false alarms

Effective Loss Prevention Solutions Secures Your Bottom Line

Easy for Customers to Use While Preventing Theft

Keepsafe™ Bottle Security Tags works with traditional AM and RF antenna systems and EAS & RFID systems!

The Keepsafe™ devices offer extreme resistance to both amateur and professional thieves and will reduce your retail shrinkage. The PPS H-Tags are only detachable using the Keepsafe ™ H-Detacher. Thieves can’t remove H-Locks with traditional standard, super or hyper detachers.

iSense 01

iSense – Intelligent Article Surveillance

  • Intelligent and Self-Improving: Scalable EAS solutions with one global partner.
  • Global Service and Support: RFID and EAS solutions with one global partner.
  • Real-time inventory visibility: Never miss a sale due to stock shortages. Take inventory of an entire store in minutes.
  • Manage inventory in an Omni-Channel Environment: Supporting Buy Online Pick up In-Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS)

  • High-Performance POS Solutions: Smart deactivators and universal detachers expedite the POS process

  • Visitor Counting: Improve customer experience and plan your staff more effectively
  • Future Proof RFID-Ready: 100% RFID ready to protect today’s investment
  • Metal Detection: Fight organized retail crime (ORC) with precise metal detection
  • Retail Analytics: Real-time in-store and organization-wide dashboards for monitoring and benchmarking data
  • Remote Support: Quick response without the need for a repair crew in your stores during retail hours.
rfid overhead

iD Top – RFID-based EAS overhead

  • High-Performance RFID Antennas: Sleek, unobtrusive design perfectly fits in a retail store environment without impacting the customer experience.
  • Complete RFID Solution: Choose from a wide portfolio of RFID readers, POS solutions, and labels.
  • Network Integration: Open API’s for easy integration with third-party and legacy systems.
  • Best In-Store RFID Performance: Nedap’s solutions include stray tag filtering and direction detection.
  • Global Standards: All solutions are GS1 EPC Gen 2 compliant.
  • Online Device Management: Hassle-free remote support and firmware updates.
shopping security

EAS & RFID System Benefits

RFID EAS systems are proven and effective loss prevention solutions. In addition, it reduces theft from ORC and amateur thieves. 

  • Alarms when stolen merchandise leaves the store
  • Allows merchandise to be on open display 
  • Improves inventory availability
  • Reduces time spent on inventory management
  • Deters thieves 
  • Improves customer’s shopping experience 
  • Numerous tags, labels, and accessories are compatible with the system
  • Reduces shrinkage

Find the Best RFID or EAS System for Your Business

The PPS team guides their customers with excellent, trustworthy advice for their loss prevention needs. They help to find complete, custom, and technologically advanced solutions that deliver the desired outcome every time. Contact the PPS team to find the best EAS or RFID system.