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Keepsafe™ Anti-Theft Tags, Pins, Detachers, & Accessories

As part of the Keepsafe™ Series, you can choose from the various pin and accessory options that complement our safers, beverage protection, tags, and RFID solutions. The Keepsafe™ anti-theft tag products can increase security even on the most challenging of products! 

This line includes:

  • Hangers 
  • Blister Tags
  • Ink Tags 
  • Traditional Pins
  • Lanyard Pins 
  • Detachers 

All Keepsafe™ products work with traditional AM and RF EAS & RFID systems.

A Visual Deterrent that Detracts Thieves While Maintaining the Customer Experience!


Successful Anti-Theft Tags & More for Store Merchandise

Enhanced protection for:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Electronics
  • High-shrink items
  • Food and Grocery
  • Sporting Goods
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Benefits of Anti-Theft Tags, Pins, Detachers, & Accessories

It’s time to end retail shrinkage and improve the bottom line. Our Keepsafe™ Series is the most advanced loss prevention solution available!  

  • Unlock with traditional standard, super, or hyper lock detachers 
  • Optional upgrade to the H-Lock and H-Detacher
  • Compatible with all EAS and RFID technologies 
  • Products are only made of quality and durable materials
  • Built to last for many years of continued use
  • Reduce retail shrink from Organized Retail Crime (ORC)
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Optional Upgrade to Extreme Resistance with the H-Lock & H-Detacher

All our security solutions work with traditional standard, super, or hyper lock detachers. We do offer a stronger lock option for retailers looking to take their protection to the next level. The Keepsafe™ products can be upgraded to our proprietary H-Lock. 

The H-Lock can only be detached using the H-Detacher. The H-Detacher is only available through PPS. Thieves using stolen or counterfeit devices are unable to detach the H-Lock.

Now Enhancing Retail Security

The Value Behind EAS and RFID Security

Combining loss prevention security products with EAS and RFID security systems gives your merchandise protection an added boost. From people counting to detect directionality to inventory management – amateur and ORC thieves won’t stand a chance!

Are You Ready to Strengthen Your Loss Prevention?

When you choose to work with PPS, you have a loss prevention partner you can trust. Our team will help you develop a plan, quickly find solutions, and work within your budget.