Loss Prevention Services

Lock down your profits with PPS

We create customized loss-prevention solutions for every corner of your store, all equipped with cutting-edge tech and integrated strategies. Our dedicated experts know how to safeguard any size inventory — from mom-and-pop shops to major chains — so your customers can shop confidently.
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Reduce Losses With Confidence

Stopping theft can give your profits room to breathe. PPS secures your ENTIRE store, not just a section. Our team of experts understands retail threats and offers holistic solutions to protect your inventory, your bottom line, and your peace of mind.

For a worry-free shopping environment, take advantage of solutions like:


Intelligent fixtures


Product protection devices

Benefit denial products

Tamper-proof labels

Prevention for Your Unique Needs

If you need customized options, PPS can find the perfect solution for your store — and your budget. We work directly with business owners, finance and operations professionals, merchandising experts, and asset protection personnel to meet the needs of your entire operation.
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Supermarket Loss Prevention

Every penny counts in the supermarket business. Stop shoplifters with EAS systems that give you 24/7 security, deter theft, recover losses, & boost profits.
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Retail Loss Prevention

Reduce shrink with our extensive toolbox of solutions, from tech to customized strategies, that fit your store’s exact needs. Plug the leaks and let your profits flow.
Theft prevention assets

Store Theft Prevention

PPS knows how to fight shoplifting on the front lines, equipping our clients with powerful loss-prevention devices that keep your assets safe. Stop theft and start thriving.