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PPS Keepsafe™ Bottle Security Tags – Complete Protection

The PPS Keepsafe™ Bottle Security Tags are the ideal solution for protecting bottled beverages, wines, liquors, and champagnes, and other similar merchandise.

This line includes:

  • Bottle security collars 
  • Caps
  • Full bottle coverage for open display protection 
  • Reusable devices

The beverage protection’s design provides a visual deterrent that doesn’t detract from the customer experience.

Keepsafe™ Bottle Security Tags works with traditional AM and RF EAS & RFID systems!

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Merchandise That Works Well with Bottle Security Tags

Our beverage protection line successfully protects:

  • Wine and Spirit Bottles 
  • Energy Drinks
  • Champagne Bottles 
  • Premium Liquors Bottles
  • Health Bottled Goods
  • Beauty Bottled Goods
  • All Other Bottle and Can Applications

H-Lock and H-Detacher Increases Security Protection 

The Keepsafe™ beverage protection line is available with standard, super, and H-locks. The H-Lock option uses the latest, most advanced technology and can only be detached using the Keepsafe™ H-Detacher. 

To remove the H-Lock, you will need to use the H-Detacher. This increases protection since the H-Detacher is only available through PPS. In addition, it ensures thieves can’t remove the H-Lock with traditional standard, super or hyper detachers. 

Benefits When You Use the H-Detacher Keepsafe™ Bottle Security 

When your standard and super locks aren’t working then consider the H-Lock and H-Detacher options. 

  • Compatible with EAS and RFID technologies 
  • Prevents Organized Retail Crime (ORC) theft
  • Advanced magnetic lock protection 
  • Reduces inventory shrinkage
  • Supports existing planograms
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Importance of EAS and RFID Security

When you incorporate electronic article surveillance (EAS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) security, it ensures valuable protection from ORC and amateur theft. This is why the PPS Keepsafe™ Series are compatible with AM and RF EAS systems and RFID

Equip Yourself for Success 

Intelligent article surveillance can quickly identify individual items, detect directionality, and people count to decrease your retail shrinkage

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