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A Shelf-Ready Solution for Organized Retail Crime Prevention

Retail professionals understand that nothing operates in a vacuum in a shopping environment. Stores need displays for merchandise. Cashiers need a POS system to check out customers. Customers need security measures to feel safe.

So, what do retailers need to prevent theft and organized retail crime? PPS offers game-changing anti-theft smart shelves to shield your business against losses.

Flexible, Scalable, and Affordable Strategies

PPS anti-theft devices provide the flexibility to scale your existing loss prevention strategy. They provide a secure, full-functioning environment for your stores with a host of benefits, including:

Secure your merchandise

Help your staff feel safer

Ensure a customer-friendly shopping experience

Encourage sales

Protect your bottom line

Self-Install Flex Panels: Anti-Sweeping Protection and So Much More

The PPS Flex Panel offers a multi-faceted approach to retail loss prevention:

Uses sound to discourage thieves

Supports employees with added safety

Allows for easy customer access and higher sales

Alerts staff to ORC activities

Integrates with other anti-theft technologies

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Flex Panel Strengths

Sound-Enabled Deterrent

The Flex Panel comes with a sensor that detects movement. If a customer slides the panel to remove the device, it emits a small beep to alert your staff.

Easy to Install

Place the Flex Panel on the shelf straight out of the box and start restocking your merchandise. No major assembly means protection of products can start immediately.

Customizable Alerts

You choose how to notify your staff when there’s a specific amount of activity near any protected merchandise.

IoT Compatible

PPS Flex Panels can be upgraded to include IOT technology that allows you to set up employee notifications on their cellphones, headsets, or Apple watches.
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Backed by Evidence-Based Research

IMCo Solutions is a Germany-based loss prevention company that uses evidence-based data to prove the effectiveness of its anti-theft products. Their scientific research involves extensive testing and interviews with ORC members to develop devices that actually deter crime.

They discovered that when a thief feels as though they’re being watched, they’ll leave the store and hunt for a new target. The device sounds tell potential criminals that your store has your eyes and ears on their every move.

Smart Shelf Technology by the Numbers

Retailers need confidence in their crime prevention strategies. With PPS smart shelf innovations, we do more than make bold promises; we provide proven results.

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positive results you can see for yourself

Stores using PPS smart shelves see:

An increase in sales by 2 to 8%

A reduction in shrinkage of 40 to 88%

(Results vary depending on variables such as store and products)

Add Flex Panels to Your Store

PPS can make your store smarter, safer, and more profitable. Contact us today to get started.