Loss Prevention Security

Retail stores have two main needs: a satisfying shopping experience and a secure environment where it can take place.
With Product Protection Solutions, you can have both.

razor packages inside security devices

Loss Prevention Security Products

The PPS Keepsafe™ series is the retailer’s ultimate loss-prevention line of defense that also gives shoppers easy access to what you’re selling. While standard and super locks can be compromised, Keepsafe products provide powerful protection with:

Open display options

Compatibility with EAS and RFID

The most advanced magnetic lock protection on the market

Reduction in shrinkage

Inability to be separated using standard, super, or hyper detachers

Support for existing planograms

Superior Theft Protection

Since Keepsafe H-Locks are only compatible with the Keepsafe H-Detacher, retailers get the maximum defense against amateur and professional thieves. We dare them to try to detach our locks with their traditional standard, super, or hyper detachers.

You can use H-Locks with:

alcohol bottles with security devices

Most bottle protection solutions

retail products protected with security devices

All Keepsafe Safers

(can be upgraded from standard or super locks to the H-Lock for added security)
hard security tags

Hard Tags

A Sure Defense Against Thieves

High-end and high-shrink products get the ultimate protection with the Keepsafe series. PPS takes advantage of the latest technologies including:

Integration with AM, RF, and RFID

Exclusive H-Lock detachment using the Keepsafe H-Detacher

H-Tags are compatible with alarms (1, 2, and 3), benefit denial, lanyards, and RFID