Sporting Goods Theft Prevention

You can call it a slam dunk, a home run, or a K.O. We call it surefire theft prevention for sporting goods. Shoplifting is a major hurdle for sporting goods retailers. High-value equipment like bicycles, firearms, and fishing gear are prime targets for theft. Product Protection Solutions (PPS) offers MVP-level security strategies that keep your store safe and your inventory where it belongs.
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Heavy Hitters for Preventing Theft

High-Security Display Solutions

PPS offers heavy-duty display cases, locking displays, and shelving solutions for a wide variety of sporting goods. They show off your merchandise while making it difficult to steal.

Smart Alarms & Electronic Article Surveillance

Our integrated EAS systems incorporate discreet tags on merchandise. When a thief attempts to leave the store with a tagged item, an alarm will alert staff and stop the shoplifter in their tracks.

CCTV With Analytics

Monitor your store with high-definition CCTV systems featuring advanced video analytics. PPS systems detect suspicious activity, such as someone lingering near high-value items, and send alerts to security personnel.

Security Solutions That Put the Ball in Your Court

Reduced Theft & Inventory Loss

Our layered security approach minimizes theft, protecting your profits and ensuring valuable equipment stays on the shelf.

Increased Sales

Open displays with effective security measures create a welcoming environment for customers, encouraging browsing and boosting sales.

Improved Staff Safety

A secure environment empowers your staff to focus on customer service without worrying about theft attempts.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your inventory is protected allows you to concentrate on running your business with confidence.

Choose PPS for Sporting Goods Theft Prevention

At PPS, we understand the unique challenges faced by sporting goods retailers. Our security solutions are designed to deter the theft of high-value equipment and create a safe shopping experience.
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Expert Advice

Our team of security specialists will assess your store’s layout and recommend a customized security plan to fit your needs.
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High-Quality Products

We offer a comprehensive range of reliable and innovative security solutions from trusted brands.
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Complete Support

PPS provides ongoing service to ensure your security system functions flawlessly.

Get Started

Contact PPS today to discuss your sporting goods security needs and create a winning strategy for your business.