Calculating an ROI for Your Retail Loss Prevention System

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Did you know there are plenty of strategies and tools available to increase your profit margins? One of the most effective approaches is preventing theft before it occurs. You might be thinking, what more do you need if you’re already using an EAS system and hanging anti-theft signage. You need to make sure those tools [...]

Reduce Shrink with RFID Theft Prevention Systems

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Did you know RFID (radio frequency identification) technology can reduce shrinkage caused by administrative errors, incorrect inventory data, and theft? Depending on the system you purchase, you can customize your RFID theft prevention system to meet several of your needs.  Learn more about how RFID technology can reduce your shrinkage and tips on selecting [...]

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How Do RFID Tags Work & How to Select the Best One?

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RFID tags are part of a network-connected security EAS system that uses radio waves to transmit data back and forth from the base (EAS system) and the reader (RFID tag). RFID technology has shown tremendous benefits with loss prevention success over the years. These devices are effective loss prevention tools that also work as an [...]

5 Reasons Why We Let People Steal this One Thing…

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Some people think this is dangerous or should be reserved only for your personal life. Still, the Product Protection Solutions (PPS) team has no fear; we know the risk, and we do it anyway...while we are quick to provide an LP solution, there is one thing we let you steal from the PPS team just [...]

5 Ways We Stopped the Grinch from Stealing Christmas!

By |2020-12-24T02:26:16+00:00December 24th, 2020|News|

Imagine what we can do for you! TotalLP App - Scan to Source: scan a product's UPC and find item-specific theft prevention solutions in seconds, then shop and save on those solutions, all in the app. Download here: (Google Play Store - Apple Store) Keepsafe™ Beverage Protection - The reusable, anti-theft device keeps the item [...]

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