RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology has been a staple of retail security for many years now. It’s a foundational element for all kinds of loss prevention and inventory management strategies. It’s versatile, it’s affordable, and most of all, it just works.


Still, there are more uses for this versatile technology than you might have previously thought. One of these promising applications is in the corner of access control, where RFID lock systems can offer superior convenience and security with the same familiar technology. 

Understanding the RFID Lock System

At its core, an RFID lock system is an innovative access control solution that upgrades a traditional lock-and-key model to one of electronic readers and customizable access. With embedded RFID chips, which are unobtrusive and easily programmed, an RFID lock system is able to streamline access protocols with all kinds of conveniences. Here’s how it works:

RFID Key Generation

Authorized users (i.e., your employees) can be provided with keycards or fobs containing an RFID chip. These store credential information, allowing the system to grant access accordingly.

RFID Readers

Doorways, safes, and other important access points can be equipped with readers to detect RFID tags. These devices emit a radio wave to activate any chips nearby, effectively acting as a touchless key.

Authentication Process

To gain access, the user need only hold their RFID-equipped card or fob up to the reader. In an instant, the information is transferred and verified against the access control database. If a match is found, the lock system turns and access is granted.

Audit Trail and Monitoring

Another unique benefit of an electronic access control system is the ability to record access attempts, whether successful or unsuccessful. This creates a convenient backlog from which an audit trail can be made for investigations or regulatory purposes.

Advantages of RFID Lock Systems

Enhanced Security

Access control is one of those all-important tasks in the retail world. Getting it wrong even once can have catastrophic consequences. With RFID lock systems, your store will be in safer hands than ever. If a keycard gets lost, you can simply deprogram it from the database and create a new card for the employee. It’s simple, safe, and cost effective.


As important as it is, access control needn’t be an overly complicated task. RFID technology holds the power to streamline it, making the process more efficient in terms of both time and resources. Perhaps best of all, the components are low profile. No more wasted time searching for the right key!

Access Control Management

An RFID lock system creates the opportunity for centralized control over all your access points, allowing for far more efficient and effective access management. Grant, revoke, or modify permissions as needed at the touch of a button. 

Elevate Your Access Control With PPS

As you navigate the world of retail devices for the most effective systems for you, keep an eye on RFID technology. An RFID lock system can be a game changer for those in need of superior access control.


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