Staying profitable in the world of retail means keeping up with the latest trends in technology, especially as it affects the experience of your customers. At the forefront of modern innovation lies automated retail technology — devices that streamline our everyday operations, sometimes from behind the scenes.


In this article, we’ll have a look at a few of the most prevalent automated retail technology devices you can expect to see out in the world. 

Defining Automated Retail Technology

“Automated retail technology” is a big word for a big operation. It entails any device that can be integrated into a retail facility to optimize everyday processes for less manual labor and greater output. In short, these are machines designed to improve efficiency and make your life easier.


At the same time, it can provide greater convenience to customers, boosting your ratings and long-term brand loyalty. It’s a smart investment for any retail environment. Here are a few examples of such technologies:

Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks empower your customers to browse products without the need for employee assistance. These days, many customers would rather just help themselves, so long as it’s convenient and effective. Self-serve kiosks make this a reality, allowing shoppers to look into detailed product information and even compare items before purchasing.

Automated Checkout Systems

The days of the global pandemic taught us just how important it is to be adaptable and self-sufficient. Automated checkout systems exemplify both of these qualities, streamlining POS operations and giving your customers the space they often feel they need.


Equipped with technologies like RFID and computer vision, these systems hold the power to revolutionize your sales and lessen the strain on your staff.

Inventory Management Systems

While every retail store has some form of inventory management system, there are plenty that are not yet optimized with automated retail technology. With a network of devices connected through RFID and IoT technologies, your inventory system can keep track of your stock levels, providing real-time insights to reduce stock-outs and improve customer experience.

Automated Price Tagging

Especially in an economy like we’re facing today, dynamic pricing is more important than ever for American retailers. Manual pricing takes a lot of time and effort for something that is often mindless and tedious.


Instead of wasting valuable paid hours on menial tasks, invest in automated pricing systems. At the touch of a button, the screens will change, and you’ll see prices change in an instant all across your store.

Smart Shelves

Smart shelf is a broad term for a variety of devices that ultimately share a goal: improving your bottom line by protecting against theft and streamlining sales. Many of them use IoT or RFID technology to detect the movement of items, notifying you with updates as needed on both potential shoplifting attempts and drops in inventory levels.

Automated Retail Technology From PPS

As we witness the power of automated retail technology change the shape of the industry around us, it’s best to be at the front of the wave. Here at Product Protection Solutions, we make it our business to know the complexities of retail operations inside and out, always looking for ways to improve security, efficiency, and convenience. 


As innovation propels us forward, we’re taking you with us. For all your technological needs in retail, security-related or otherwise, PPS is here to provide. Get in touch to discover a vast catalog of automated retail technology for your business.


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