5 Benefits of Using EAS System Tags

Apr 25, 2024 | Loss Prevention Products

Have you ever tried on a piece of clothing and found a tiny, hard clip attached? That’s not the latest fashion accessory. It’s an EAS system tag, a loss prevention tool used in retail stores for decades. These cost-effective, easy-to-use tags deter would-be shoplifters by sounding an alarm if merchandise passes through the antenna with an active tag attached. It’s an excellent deterrent, but the benefits of an EAS tag don’t stop there. 

Learn how these innovative little tags can benefit your retail operation and protect your store’s bottom line. 

1. Deter Theft

Deterring theft may be the most obvious benefit of using EAS system tags, but it’s also an incredibly important one. That’s because shoplifting is a constant worry for retailers. Not only is the frequency of shoplifting on the rise, but the total value of shoplifted items is increasing, too. That can have a significant impact on your profits. 

EAS system tags act as a frontline defense against this threat. Seeing an EAS tag on an item sends a clear message to would-be thieves that you take shoplifting seriously. Knowing an alarm will sound and draw attention to their activities is often enough to discourage most shoplifters. 

2. Protects Open Displays

Some loss prevention measures can end up deterring sales along with shoplifters. Locking merchandise in display cases or keeping items behind the counter can frustrate customers and make them hesitant to ask for assistance when they want to see something. That means they are less likely to buy these items. 

By attaching EAS system tags, you can showcase inventory in open displays so customers can browse unhindered. They can see the product, experience its features, and won’t have to flag down staff when they want a closer look. Allowing them to experience a product first-hand is a great way to get them to buy it. 

3. Improves Staff Productivity

Your retail team has a lot on their to-do list. They must be your customer service team, sales department, and sometimes even the security guard. Constantly monitoring for shoplifters can inhibit their ability to assist customers and complete other tasks around the store. 

Unlike security measures that require constant surveillance, EAS tags work behind the scenes. They only trigger an alarm when a tagged item exits the store without deactivation, so your staff can focus on doing what they do best: taking care of your customers. 

4. Reduces Inventory Shrink 

Shrink stinks. It’s lost potential sales and wasted capital. While EAS tags deter would-be thieves, shoplifting isn’t the only cause of shrinkage. It can also be caused by inventory errors. 

EAS tags can help you keep more accurate inventory levels, making forecasting, ordering, and stock management easier. By reducing shrinkage, you streamline your operations and free up those resources for other areas of your business that boost your profits. 

5. Improves Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything. When customers have a good experience, they spend more money and want to return and do it again. While loss prevention has to be part of any retail environment, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the customer experience. 

EAS tags allow shoppers to freely browse merchandise, try on items, or handle new products. This makes the shopping experience more relaxing and enjoyable, and customers get a better idea about how your products can meet their needs. The focus moves from security to the product, allowing customers to focus on their purchases instead of worrying about being monitored. 

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